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The New SIGNAL Online

The New SIGNAL Online

SIGNAL Connections arrives in thousands of e-mail inboxes each month, but now it’s time to also catch up on news about SIGNAL Online. SIGNAL Connections, AFCEA’s monthly e-newsletter, is only part of the SIGNAL family of publications. Newly redesigned and easier to get around in, the magazine’s redesigned Web site features additional online exclusives such as “On Cyber Patrol,” the popular cartoon and feature from the U.S. Army’s Office of Information Assurance and Compliance, and archives of recent SIGNAL webinars.

Also available online is SIGNAL’s digital edition—the complete magazine in an easy-to-browse format—as well as Web versions of the articles you read in SIGNAL each month, making them simple to share with colleagues through e-mail. Chapter News is more visible on the home page, making it easier for chapters to publicize what they are doing. And the magazine’s resources are going to grow as our editors find more and better channels for readers to make the most of their Internet experience.

But that’s just the beginning. As part of the AFCEA 2.0 initiatives announced in March by AFCEA President and CEO Kent R. Schneider, SIGNAL also has launched SIGNAL Scape, the official blog of SIGNAL Magazine and AFCEA International. SIGNAL Scape has expanded capabilities to allow readers to share information from SIGNAL through the medium of their choice, be it e-mail, Facebook, del.icio.us or more than a dozen other social media platforms.

In addition, columns such as Homefront Help and Internet Works are presented in a more Web-friendly format. “Incoming” and other articles with hot topics worth talking about get a prominent spot and a microphone in the form of a comment box, where readers can weigh in with their insights, which will be crucial as SIGNAL continues to roll out new features on the site.

Get started now by visiting the new site at www.afcea.org/signal. Take some time and explore the site. By clicking on any article, site visitors are transported to a new interior page with an expandable left-hand navigation menu. To use it and read other articles from this month, click on “This month in SIGNAL” for links to selected articles and a complete table of contents. Visitors also see some Web-exclusive points of interest under “SIGNAL Online”—such as the Small Business Podcast series and the SIGNAL 2.0 page summarizing where they can find SIGNAL and AFCEA on external sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

SIGNAL editors welcome reader feedback on the new site, too. Drop a line to newmedia@afcea.org with any comments, questions or suggestions regarding SIGNAL Online, SIGNAL Scape, and, for that matter, SIGNAL Connections.