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U.S. Army Seeks Lightweight Common Robotic System

Responses to request for information are due August 15.

The U.S. Army’s Project Manager of Robotic Systems Joint Project Office, Warren, Michigan, is conducting market research to see what companies can provide a lightweight common robotic system (CRS) for dismounted soldiers.

The CRS must weigh no more than 20 pounds, including the base unit, the operator control, radios, antennas and batteries. It also must provide dismounted warfighters with the ability to conduct lower-level reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition; perform chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear detection remotely; clear danger areas; conduct explosive obstacle course countermeasure operations remotely; and conduct explosive ordnance disposal operations from a stand-off distance.

Additionally, the CRS should be able to be placed into operation in five minutes; hold and carry objects weighing up to 5 pounds; operate continuously for three hours; have a line-of-sight operational range of at least 300 meters; operate at temperatures between minus 4 and 125 degrees Fahrenheit; and laterally traverse, climb and descend a 30-degree slope.

The deadline for responses from industry is August 15.