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Why AFCEA? Earning the Headline as a Trendsetter 

The benefits of membership cannot be overstated. 
Celebrate Small Business Month

In 2019, Chenega MIOS was recognized by the AFCEA International Membership Committee with the “Trendsetter Award” for being a catalyst for the multiple membership bundle. With this bundle, we were able to secure memberships for each of our wholly owned subsidiaries at a discounted rate.


Chenega MIOS Business Analyst Alex Helwig has been actively involved with AFCEA since 2015. In December 2023, she was honored with the AFCEA Distinguished Young Professional Award.

AFCEA is a fantastic way to grow your professional network both within industry and government,” Helwig said. “When I transitioned from law enforcement to business development, AFCEA events acted as a forum for me to gain different perspectives on effectively managing the Business Development lifecycle. “These events also allowed me to meet mentors outside of my organization, which allowed me to learn about the challenges and successes of companies that have different designations.

As an organization, we have found that you get what you put in regarding your AFCEA membership. The AFCEA team provides all the resources you need to make the most of its network and, in our opinion, hosts some of the best events in the industry. The benefits of membership cannot be overstated. 

April Elnagdy is the senior manager for Strategic Communications and Community Outreach at the Chenega Corporation, MIOS Strategic Business Unit.