Membership Committee

The Membership Committee promotes the growth of AFCEA membership by enhancing the value proposition across individual and corporate domains. 


The Membership Committee is comprised of AFCEA member volunteers in government, industry and academia.  

What the Committee Does 

  • Recommends to AFCEA International policies and programs to maintain the relevance of AFCEA to its membership and further the growth of the association.    

  • Identifies initiatives that have an appeal and application for an international audience by bringing together various value propositions from around the organization and creating a cohesive message to take forward. 

  • Increases overall membership/member retention, especially in areas of special interest such as government, women and Emerging Leaders, and ensures member satisfaction. 

  • Provides an annual status of membership report to the president and CEO of AFCEA. 

The majority of the committee's work takes place within three subcommittees. All committee members belong to at least one subcommittee. Individual and corporate membership issues are addressed by all subcommittees. 

  • Recruiting and Benefits Subcommittee 

  • Engage and Retain Subcommittee  

  • International Outreach Subcommittee 

Committee Membership Details

Membership Criteria

  • Committee members serve a minimum of two years
  • Meetings are held every other month from November to September.
  • The annual term is October 1 through September 30.





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