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Fallen Warrior Memorial Park Summary by Dayton-Wright Chapter

The Fallen Warrior Park is a memorial park dedicated to honoring local heroes who have fallen in battle. This Outreach project was led by multiple organizations and numerous volunteers. The primary leadership and volunteer force were organized by the Dayton- Wright Young AFCEANs, Wright Patt Junior Force Council and Leadership Wright Patt. The land and the identification of the park podium took place in 2011. The first phase and ground-breaking event in Nov. 2014 was when the Chapter and many volunteers planted the initial 13 trees. In the Spring of 2014, volunteers completed phase 2; which included concrete pathways, lighting, benches, pavers, and a ribbon cutting ceremony to officially open the park. Many people were involved but I┐d like to take a moment to thank those initial leaders who drove this project to completion: Danna Plewe, Brent Ahlers, Christian Ryan, Amanda Thompson, PJ Falter, Caroline Hawkins, Gabriel Rivera and Claire Revalee. These individual┐s leadership and determination helped us raise the necessary funds and make the Fallen Warrior Park a reality.

Additional Documents:
Dayton Wright AFCEA Chapter - AMMO Case Study.docx

Categories: Active/Veteren Military Outreach
Alamo Chapter Wounded Warrior and Military Families Endowment Fund by Alamo Chapter

The Alamo Chapter supports the Austin, San Antonio and South Texas communities, also known as Military City USA. Our chapter has had great success raising money to support our local STEM scholarships and grants program. Many service men and women come through San Antonio and has become a home for many Veterans, Military Families, and especially our Wounded heroes. In 2014, the Alamo Chapter, partnering with the Military Warriors Support Foundation, hosted a special fundraising event at our annual Alamo ACE conference to support the donation of a mortgage-free home to a recipient from the Homes4Heros program. Working with MWSF, we identified an Army 255A Information Services Technician who was medically retired after 17 years of service and could benefit from a home. The event was so successful we used the remaining funds to create an Endowment Fund for continued support to local charities who do not have the financial engine that an AFCEA event can generate. The Endowments mission is to provide financial assistance for wounded warriors, military families and veterans through community-based programs and outreach assistance. The W2MF Committee facilitate Alamo AFCEA support to pre-vetted beneficiaries in need, while providing a framework for fund-raising and budget execution. We focus on frequently overlooked 501(c)(3) charities through which donations can have an immediate and profound impact on locally-focused programs. Preference given to those operating in South Texas.

Additional Documents:
Ammo Success Story_Alamo W2MF.docx

Categories: Active/Veteren Military Outreach
Identify underutilized Corporate membership allotments by Northern Virginia Chapter

We identify corporate members with unused seats, notify them and emphasize the benefits to their employees of AFCEA membership. In alot of cases they are simply unaware.

Categories: Membership
New Member socials by Northern Virginia Chapter

We have monthly happy hours for new members

Categories: Membership
Continuity of Officers by Pocono Mountains Chapter

New ideas, new energies, and new initiatives can come from changeover in the officers (Executive Committee) of the chapter. Alternatively, re-learning old lessons, loss of good ideas, initiatives, and programs can also be associated with changeover in officers. The balance that is needed can be achieved by maintaining continuity in the officers (Executive Committee) of the chapter. Therefore, not more than half (i.e. majority) of the chapter's officers (Executive Committee) should be replaced in a singular year.

Categories: Other, Membership
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