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Virtual Info Booth at College_University Career Fairs by Greater Omaha Chapter

Background: Prior to COVID, we had just started reaching out to participate in college and university "live" career fairs to set up info booths. Obviously when COVID hit, they stopped live events. It's taken a little while, but academia seems to now be grounded in using the Handshake platform to conduct their fairs and our local colleges and universities jumped on-board a couple months ago. How it works: We set up a chapter user account in Handshake and simply register to present. The norm for a fair seems to run from 11am-3pm with 30 blocks for students to sign up for as their agenda for the day. They leave one potential employer or presenter, then move on to the next via different virtual rooms. We are simply one of their options of sessions to sign up for. We average two to three students per 30 min session and it has generated a few new members. We've only submitted two to you, but there are five others who requested the membership application and I'm just waiting on them to return. A few key points to share: - Helps introduce new, younger talent and ideas to the chapter - Perfect way to build our YAFCEAN membership...we historically have focused on military, so the student population is untapped - During the career fair we talk up the value of: -- professional networking -- direct access students will have to executives, leaders, peer talent, and hiring managers from large and small local companies -- building resume experience -- first release knowledge of upcoming scholarship windows, etc - Thanks to Janel Nelson's perspectives (our VP-Academic Affairs), we really foot-stomp the value of participation on committees and leading events as great stuff to show initiative and leadership for professional resumes From the chapter, we have two to three board members on the line and we simply present a little eight slide presentation that talks about the history of AFCEA, our chapter composition, the value of students joining a professional organization like AFCEA, the connections to leaders and potential hiring managers, the ability to build experience for a professional resume by leading events and serving on the board, etc. We found students are looking for ways to advance professionally and gain advantage/make their resumes strong. The students really respond to the idea of involvement for resume building, access to leaders in local and national industry, as well as being first aware for scholarship opportunity so we are excited to bring them into the mix. WRT the YAFCEAN program, we will soon start to talk about next steps. Perhaps we can encourage one of these new YAFCEANs to standup a university or college sub-chapter and mentor them along the way. Once we start having in-person meetings, we'll explore having our luncheons at each of the different universities on a rotational basis.

Categories: Young AFCEANs, Publicity, Membership
Small Business Best Practices by Hampton Roads Chapter

Please see the attached, as presented at TechNet Cyber 2019.

Additional Documents:
AFCEA Hampton Roads SB Best Practices.pptx

Categories: Events
Alamo Best Practices TechNet Cyber 2019 by Alamo Chapter

Please see the attached Educational Foundation Best Practices from Alamo, as presented at TechNet Cyber 2019.

Additional Documents:
Alamo Best practice TN Cyber.pptx

Categories: Scholarships and Education
WEST 2020 Best Practices by London Chapter

Please see the attached presentation from WEST 2020 for Best Practices from the London Chapter.

Additional Documents:
London AFCEA best practice.pptx

Categories: Events
Young AFCEAN Best Practices by Northern Virginia Chapter

Please see the attached, as presented at west 2020.

Additional Documents:

Categories: Young AFCEANs
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