Cyber Committee

The Cyber Committee provides an active focal point within AFCEA for encouraging the exchange of ideas and for coordination of AFCEA’s cyber-related activities.  

The AFCEA Cyber Committee is a volunteer group of public and private sector information technology professionals. The committee oversees AFCEA's outreach and helps ensure open lines of communication between the government and industry. 

What the Committee Does 

Members of this sought-after and well-respected committee strengthen AFCEA’s role as the association’s principal cyber advocate and resource, making information available to the AFCEA membership worldwide. Working as one unit within an international association, the committee: 

  • Supports AFCEA and its membership by preparing, reviewing, approving and/or making recommendations about how to address cyber challenges at association events across the board. 
  • Promotes AFCEA membership and support within the cyber community. 
  • Supports SIGNAL Media by encouraging and contributing ideas for cyber-related articles and interviews. 
  • Assists AFCEA in recognizing established and emerging achievement in the cyber community by evaluating award nominations, writing submissions and grant/scholarship applications. 

Committee Membership Details 

  • Charter 
  • Membership List 
  • Membership Criteria 
    • To be considered for membership, a candidate must:
      1. Be a nongovernment employee - i.e., does not work for any federal, state or local agency (military reservists and government contractors are eligible)
      2. Maintain an active membership (individual or corporate) with AFCEA International
      3. Commit to serving a three-year term under the guidelines of the committee charter and participate on selected subcommittees
  • Selection Criteria
    • Candidates are selected based on personal qualifications that are focused in the area of cyber, not because of company affiliation.
  • Meeting Time
    • First Tuesday of each month, 8 a.m. - 10 a.m. ET. Remote access is available.


Applications are accepted from December 1 through January 15 annually. 

Additional Resources 

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