SIGNAL Media provides in-depth, relevant and timely news in the communications and information technology realms of the defense, intelligence and global security communities. It serves its audience by gathering and distributing vital information based on journalistic ethics. SIGNAL delivers its content via a full range of media technologies.



SIGNAL Is Reading Loud and Clear

Founded in 1946, SIGNAL Magazine covers the latest trends and techniques in topics that include C4ISR, information security, intelligence, electronics, homeland security, cyber technologies, cloud computing and all the programs or solutions that build on these and related disciplines.

Our aim is to deliver useful and innovative information that enables our readers to remain up to date on technology easier, to understand military, government and industry needs faster, and to excel in supporting global security through knowledge.

We’re More than a Magazine, We’re AFCEA

As the official publication of AFCEA, a well-known and respected organization that also has been serving government and military since 1946, SIGNAL is unique from other defense and government magazines and websites.

We are the only media group that consistently reaches the entire AFCEA community, often with access to news faster. Top level leaders, managers, technical experts and the industry that supports them trust the AFCEA brand for accurate, unbiased and ethical reporting.

Meet the Staff

SIGNAL Media is the product of a dedicated in-house writing and editing staff. Based in Fairfax, Virginia, just outside of Washington D.C., our trained journalists have been covering technology and trends in the defense and government arena for a cumulative  total of nearly a century.  

And our staff is made up of people you probably would like to know. We constitute a multifaceted group coming from diverse personal and geographical backgrounds. Some come from a military life and some always have been civilians; some started in print and some are former broadcasters; some prefer PCs and some talk only Mac; most are digital immigrants. But all care deeply about AFCEA and believe in its mission and the mission of SIGNAL Media. Pride in what we do and whom we work for enable a small staff to produce a huge amount of high-quality content and reliable products.

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SIGNAL gives you what you need to be informed—whether you are one of the defenders of freedom and security or a member of the community that supports them.

And we need you too. The strength of the AFCEA network and the value of SIGNAL Media expand through the expertise and engagement of our audience.

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