August 2013

Building a Bigger, Better Pipe
   Researchers count on a clean-slate approach to help them find new ideas to break through existing limits to mobile networking technology.

Soldiers See Through Steel
   An Army project closes a door, turns on a window and offers a virtual view of the outside world.

U.S. Air Force Races to Modernize Critical Battle Control System
   The network that directs flying operations for all airborne assets is receiving a modern-day makeover.

Coping With the Big Data Quagmire
   A prototype system compresses surveillance imagery by a factor of 1,000 while keeping critical data quality.

People Are the Future of Unmanned Systems
   The human dimension is the focus of military aerial vehicle projects in partnership with academia.

Artificial Fish Dives Into Unknown Waters
   Nature inspires a new tool to search for dangers in uncharted seas.

Software Increases Unmanned Craft Survivability
   Losing control of a computer-driven system is a broader threat than most realize.

 Marines Set the Stage for Next-Generation Network
   The Corps did not wait for the contract award as it activated a transition plan.

Contract Protest Does Not Change NGEN Vision
   The next-generation network will offer a shift in how its users conduct daily operations.

4G Will Get You 10X
   An advanced cellular system offers warfighters up to 10 times the speed of 3G networks.

Federal Budget Cuts Encourage a Niche Business
   One firm sees reductions opening a door for snagging new defense contracts.

China’s Navy Deploys Three-Tier Defensive Weapons
   New vertical launch systems are built for multiple missile uses.

All Aboard for Joint Information Environment 

C4ISR Has Come a Very Long Way 
for Government and AFCEA

Optimizing the Human Weapon System