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Noncommercial Use of Content

Permission for noncommercial use of this material can be requested by sending an e-mail to Bodil Lund or by calling 703-631-6192. In the email, include information about the organization requesting use, the purpose of the distribution, the number of copies you’d like to make and the address of the Web site if material will be posted.

Once permission has been obtained, you must credit the author and include the following reprint information at the end of the article:

Reprinted from [insert SIGNAL Magazine, SIGNAL Online] [insert month, year of original publication date] with permission of [insert publication]. Copyright [insert year of original publication date]. All rights reserved.

Content reproduced from SIGNAL Magazine or SIGNAL Online must be reproduced in its entirety and may not be edited.

For information on use of SIGNAL content for commercial sites, see the Rights and Reprints page.


Permission is not required for bloggers to post a contextual excerpt, with attribution, not to exceed four (4) paragraphs, as long as the blogger provides a link back to the exact SIGNAL content to which they are referring. Please note that it is never acceptable to selectively quote from an article in a manner that changes the meaning of that article, to use an article’s text or photos out of context, or to combine quotes to create a sentence.

While much of SIGNAL content is available through RSS feeds, “scraping,” or unauthorized redistribution of content through use of those feeds or any other technology, is strictly prohibited.

Permission for larger excerpts must be secured in advance. If you would like to publish syndicated SIGNAL content on your site, please contact Bodil Lund or call 703-631-6192 for licensing information.


The SIGNAL Online site requires that anyone linking to content respect the copyright and trademark and include proper attribution.

Links may include text content such as headlines and may be accompanied by brief summaries of the linked articles, not to exceed four (4) paragraphs.

When linking to SIGNAL, the following actions are prohibited:

  • Attributing a link to the SIGNAL site but then linking to another site.
  • Framing the SIGNAL story or otherwise presenting the material as your own.
  • Using any images from SIGNAL stories on another site.
  • Using the AFCEA or SIGNAL logos without permission.
  • Including summaries on the site that exceed the fair use guidelines of U.S. copyright law.