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Event Name: Artificial Intelligence applied in the military field: perspectives and possible use cases
Event Date: 03/25/2021
Event Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Event Organizer: Rome Chapter
Description: Artificial Intelligence (AI) - which includes a series of technologies such as "machine learning" and "natural language processing" - allows machines to perceive, understand, act and learn, with the aim of increasing human potential . It is one of the so- called "Emerging Disruptive Technologies" that is beginning to spread pervasively in many sectors of our Company. Obviously this phenomenon has a strong impact also in the military context. Recent studies predict that in the coming years the influence of artificial intelligence for the aerospace and defense sector will be far greater than that of any other emerging technology. In this context, AFCEA Chapter of Rome has decided to organize this first webinar on the A.I. to provide a first overview of its possible use in the military field; a necessarily limited overview, but which can hopefully be expanded in a series of subsequent meetings. Through the webinar we want to present some experiences developed both at an institutional and industrial level, with reference to the requirements of the sector, through a complex technology that must in any case include the human presence in the cycle of decisions, in order to be able to adopt AI with awareness by exploiting it the benefits and reducing the risks. Predictive Maintenance, Aeronautical Applications, Digital Attack and Defense Applications for the V Domain, Support for the development of complex systems, Control of the efficiency of take-off and landing runways, Aircraft detection and tracking, Big data analysis and geospatial applications, are just a few examples of areas in which changes based on Artificial Intelligence techniques are taking place.
Event Subject: AI, Intelligence, Military, Defence, Aeronautical Applications, industry
Event Category: Webinar
Location: Web
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