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Event Name: Women and the Challenge of Digital Agenda
Event Date: 04/08/2021
Event Organizer: Portugal Chapter
Event Sponsor: AXIANS
Description: Under-representation of women in the STEM fields is a major global concern, not only as a fundamental human right, but also as a cornerstone of the modern economy that can provide sustainable and inclusive growth. According to the OECD, reducing the gender gap in labor force participation by 25% by 2025 could add 1 percentage point to the projected reference GDP. As a reaction to this scenario, initiatives to raise awareness of this reality and reduce gender discrimination common to all countries have grown.
Event Subject: Women, Digital Agenda
Event Speaker: Luisa Teixeira Maria do Carmo Palma Teresa Romão
Event Category: Conference
Location: Web
Event Contact: Mario C Durao
Event Contact Phone: 0351 210 998 277
Event Contact E-Mail:
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