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Event Name: 5G EcoSystem and Cybersecurity in civil and military contexts
Event Date: 10/07/2021
Event Organizer: Rome Chapter
Description: The fifth generation of mobile communications offers enormous potential for the development of services to citizens and businesses, making current communication systems extremely more efficient, in terms of both bandwidth and connection speed, and quality of services, reliability, continuity and security more generally. In particular, the ┐5G slicing┐ makes it possible to create different "lanes" on the same mobile network infrastructure, without having to create networks dedicated to different applications with different technical requirements. This allows you to create multiple virtual networks and develop the "network as a service" model to customers with various use cases, such as: downloading large content and high definition video, virtual reality, autonomous vehicles, remote surgery and IoT sensors. Specifically, the integration of IoT devices will pervasively enter almost all application aspects in both the civil and military fields. In this case it will be possible to use IOBT (Internet of the Battlfield Things) devices also in the operational theater, for example to monitor the physical conditions of soldiers through sensors incorporated in military uniforms or in bulletproof vests. The exponential growth of IoT devices connected to communication networks and critical infrastructures, combined with the development of the necessary 5G networks, is creating an environment full of cybersecurity pitfalls, as access and connections to IoT / 5G devices are not all compliant. to the minimum security standards and therefore represent possible access points and cyber attacks to the network itself. The seminar organized by AFCEA entitled "5G EcoSystem and Cybersecurity in civil and military contexts" aims to address these innovative issues, providing an overview, both in the civil and military fields, in an integrated cyber-security context with new authentication techniques and encryption. The event will also be an opportunity for Maj. Gen (r) Erich Staudacher, General Manager of AFCEA Europe, to award an award to the longest members of the Rome Chapter: 15, 25, 30 and 40 years of association.
Event Category: Conference
Location: Italy
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