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Event Name: Resilient communications for operating in a complex multi-domain environment.
Event Date: 06/22/2023
Event Time: 08:30 AM - 01:30 PM
Event Organizer: Rome Chapter
Description: As part of the activities related to the 70th Anniversary of the Italian Army Signal Corps, the Rome Chapter of AFCEA is organizing an event at the Cecchignola Transmission Command to present the state of the art and the crucial role of new technologies in achieving resilient communications, which are essential for operating in a complex multi-domain environment. The robustness and reliability of telecommunications in a multi-domain environment are key elements for success in operations, which can be achieved with mature (yet innovative) technologies adaptable to increasingly demanding and ever-evolving operational scenarios in terms of priorities and sustainability. The ability to disrupt telecommunications, namely their interception for tactical intelligence purposes, becomes an element to be duly considered, as well as the use of the electromagnetic spectrum (not only the physical spectrum) to conduct cyber electromagnetic activities (CEMA). In the civilian sector, the transition to 5G technology, both stand-alone (SA) and non-SA, has begun. Suppliers are deploying different implementation methods to address this phase in the most flexible way. The use of 5G in the military entails the establishment of a Mobile Radio Infrastructure for the Italian Defense, introducing important and specific functionalities for the military sector compatible with civilian 5G technology, while adding security to the certainty and reliability of communications (data and voice), which can be utilized by the Armed Forces in Italy and abroad. In addition to the national communication network upgrades, there are supporting technologies for global network coverage, such as low-earth orbit satellites for communications, 5G in satellite communications, AI for infrastructure network management, as well as the enhancement of ever- relevant applications like radio bridges (HF, VHF, UHF, Link 16, or TADIL-J) or Troposcatter Communication Networks. In the event of severe crisis scenarios, the resilience of voice communications can always be ensured through HF integration with the multiple capabilities offered by broadband, supported by advances in Software Defined Radio (SDR) and integrated new waveforms. Finally, with the development of ad hoc solutions, the most stringent security and reliability standards typical of the military environment can be met in all five domains, such as Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET), Software Defined Network (SDN), Delay Tolerant Network (DTN), SDR, and related military Tactical Data Link protocols. Essential elements for the development of secure communication networks are European projects (e.g., HORIZON 2020 and EDF), particularly for the security component, allowing the fulfillment of the highest levels of technological achievement while ensuring interoperability with allied countries' networks. Furthermore, by ensuring "SEAMLESS" interoperability between narrowband and broadband components for 5G, networks become resilient against CEMA threats, also opening up to scenarios related to Data Diodes, Cross-Domain, and Multiprotocol Exchange Systems.
Event Category: Conference
Location: Comando Trasmissioni - Cecchignola
Rome, Italy
Event Contact: Vincenzo Vitiello
Event Contact Phone: +393393310530
Event Contact E-Mail:
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