Outlining the Cyber Work Force

November 2, 2009
By Robert K. Ackerman
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The definitions of the cybersecurity work force are outdated and need to be revamped, according to Leanne Hurley, senior associate, Booz Allen Hamilton. She is one of the speakers presenting at the acquisition seminar on "Cyber Security: Its Acquisition and Environment" at TechNet Asia-Pacific. We don't know who and what we have in the cybersecurity work force, she said, pointing out that one security job description dates back to 1980 and that people are being hired by its criteria. Government needs to do a better job of characterizing cybersecurity jobs both to staff the work force and to know who and what are in that work force. She also warned that contract vehicles tend to be focused narrowly. Saying that "cybersecurity is a team sport," Hurley pointed out that cyber requires contracts that cover broader multiple disciplines. The same holds true for expertise. For example, technical people must understand command and control relationships because everything is interconnected.

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