A Rose By Any Other Name

December 1, 2009
By Katie Packard

Does the term "social media" turn people off from the power of these collaborative tools? Christopher Dorobek suggests so in this month's Incoming column, "The War on Social Media." He argues that "social media" does not fairly represent the value and potential of these capabilities, which serve as important ways for organizations and people to collaborate, share information and solve problems.

[Social media] all have a social aspect to them-they allow you to connect with people you may have never known before. But like e-mail and the telephone before them, the value to the enterprise simply is not social. It is the speed and agility that it provides an organization-the ability to better accomplish the mission.

Does the phrase "social media" make you think of people wasting time and being unproductive, or do you see the tools as important for information sharing? How do you use social media in your workplace?

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