Training and Education Require a Delicate Balancing Act

May 15, 2012
By Robert K. Ackerman
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Finding balance, encouraging critical thinking and advancing cyber education are part of the panel recommendations from a group of service representatives addressing training and education in a constrained budget environment. The panelists, who spoke at Joint Warfighting 2012 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, made their points while acknowledging the looming budget challenge, as it was described by MGen. Thomas K. Andersen, USAF, commander, Curtis E. LeMay Center for Doctrine Development and Education. Timing is everything in the military. All services are faced with the beginning of a strategic point as the wars wind down and budget restraints are faced, stated MGen Robert H. Scales, USA. (Ret.), former commandant U.S. Army College, who served as the panel moderator. RAdm. John N. Christenson, USN, president, U.S. Naval War College, related that not only does there need to be balance between action and education, but the same is true for technology and education. Careful balance between the classroom and distance learning is part of this, related MGen. John M. Croley, USMCR, deputy commander, U.S. Marine Forces Command "The raw ingredient in the pipeline has never been better, but you need to educate and offer choices for them," he said. While acknowledging that distance learning has a role, he added,"You need mentors who you see in the classroom." Education, history, planning and cooperation are all part of thinking about the future in detail, which Adm. Christenson identified as essential. MGen. Thomas K. Andersen, USAF, commander, Curtis E. LeMay Center for Doctrine Development and Education said it goes farther than just critical thinking. "These thinkers must be unleashed by leadership to become disruptive thinkers." Cyber was identified by Gen. Seals as one of the areas where resources are needed, and the panelists agreed. "Advancing cyber thought is essential," stated Gen. Andersen, and that process is "as much in its infancy as air power was in the late 1920s."

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