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Thought Leadership Visibility and AFCEA

AFCEA regularly shares valuable and engaging thought leadership content on LinkedIn that comes from association activities and SIGNAL Media. We also invite new corporate members to submit one piece of thought leadership content for consideration within the first 30 days of joining.

What Type of Content?

  • Content must be built around pure thought leadership, and not a product, event or corporate advertising or promotion.
  • An acceptable post will be under 70 words.
  • It will define a problem, suggest how to solve it and include art that enhances the content. See the example below.
  • The post must link to a blog, white paper or other content that meets AFCEA thought leadership content criteria, but not to product, event or corporate advertising or promotion.
  • Content must be open to the public and not gated.


The following is an example of an approved and shared AFCEA Thought Leadership post. 

What Is the Process?

Submit Thought Leadership social content through the blue box at the bottom of this page. 

The social media team will review all content prior to publication and reserves the right to make minor grammar and punctuation corrections or trim for length during that review. If we determine that substantial changes are needed to meet either our quality standards or our thought leadership content criteria, we will contact the sponsor to request revisions or new material.

Once thought leadership content is approved for the AFCEA LinkedIn channel, we will normally post it within five days. However, depending on the mix of other recently posted content, corporate member thought leadership posts may occasionally fall outside of that timeframe. 

What Other Rules Apply?

Companies submitting thought leadership content are responsible for ensuring that their content is adequately substantiated, accurate and complies with all applicable laws and regulations, including copyright laws. The company assumes liability for content it provides and for any claims arising there from made against AFCEA or SIGNAL Media.

We will not publish content that, in our opinion, would reflect negatively on the integrity, authority or brand of the association or SIGNAL Media.  We reserve the right to reject or remove thought leadership content that, in our opinion, is false, misleading, illegal or inconsistent with AFCEA’s mission, core values, business operations or brand.

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