Emerging Leadership Award Winners


2020 Emerging Leadership Award Winners 

Tija Brown, Datum Software, Montgomery Chapter

  Krystin Fakalata, Macalogic, Dayton-Wright Chapter

  Dave Fries, Praxis Engineering Technologies, Central Maryland Chapter

  John Garrity, Brixey & Meyer, Dayton-Wright Chapter

  Therese Holland, Razorfish, Bethesda Chapter

  Brandon Lester, SRC Technologies, Hawaii Chapter

  Sarah Loerzel, U.S. Air Force, Lexington-Concord Chapter

  Valerie Warnock, Geocent, South Carolina Low Country Chapter


2019 Emerging Leadership Award Winners 


Patrick Hamilton, Booz Allen Hamilton, Lexington-Concord Chapter 

Alisha Kelly, Trace Systems Inc., Northern Virginia Chapter 

Laura Marion, Aperture Federal, South Carolina Low Country Chapter

DrDaniel Sowders, Broadleaf, Aberdeen Chapter


2018 Emerging Leadership Award Winners


From left: Jeremy Spund, Kristin Smith, Cody Mruk, Jeremy Martin, Capt Jamila Evans, USAF, SSgt Ashley Gentry, USAF, TSgt Amy Kern, USAF, and Capt Mark A. Lebedzinski, USAF

Dr. Lucia Di Giambattista, Agenzia per i'Italia Digitale, Rome Chapter

Capt Jamila Evans, USAF, DISA-Pacific, Hawaii Chapter

SSgt Ashley Gentry, USAF, 1st Air and Space Communications Operations Squadron, Kaiserslautern Chapter

TSgt Amy Kern, USAF, 603rd Air Communications Squadron, Kaiserslautern Chapter

Capt Mark A. Lebedzinski, USAF, Air Force Special Operations Command, Emerald Coast Chapter

Jeremy Martin, Shield Consulting, Central Maryland Chapter

Cody Mruk, NIC Federal, LLC, Bethesda Chapter

Kristin Smith, Crowne Plaza Charleston, South Carolina Low Country Chapter

Jeremy Spund, ICF, South Florida Chapter



2017 Emerging Leadership Award Winners

From left: Brent Ahlers, John Foster, Kendra Iozzo, Ryan Rene Rosado, Matthew Deutsch

Brent Ahlers, Gartner, Dayton-Wright Chapter

Matthew Deutsch, U.S. Air Force, Lexington-Concord Chapter

Nicholas Farinacci, TEKsystems, Los Angeles Chapter

John Foster, Fearless Solutions, Central Maryland Chapter

Kendra Iozzo, Tensley Consulting, Inc., Central Maryland Chapter

Kristina Kelly, Blackstone Federal, Bethesda Chapter

Ryan Rene Rosado, Ernst & Young, Alamo Chapter

Alexa Tsui, Technik, Inc., Northern Virginia Chapter


2016 Emerging Leadership Award Winners

From left: Adam Vencill, Chi-Lai Poon, Ashley Becker, Kimberly Cranson

Ing. Lubomir Almer, University of Defence, Czech Chapter

Ashley Becker, Ernst & Young, New York Founders Chapter

Kimberly Cranson, MIKEL, Lexington-Concord Chapter

Chi-Lai Poon, Array Information Technology, Northern Virginia Chapter

Brittany Trocher, Polaris Alpha, Aberdeen Chapter

Adam Vencill, AFLCMC, Montgomery Chapter


2015 Emerging Leadership Award Winners

From left to right: Tim Jahnigen, Sebastian Leinhos, Andrea Loper, Matthew Carroll, MSgt Paul Vinson, USAF

Matthew Carroll, Accenture, Lexington-Concord Chapter

Tim Jahnigen, T2S Solutions, Aberdeen Chapter

Sebastian Leinhos, qedcon GmbH, Bonn E.V. Chapter

Andrea Loper, Space and Missile Systems Center, Los Angeles Chapter

Mari Spyker, Blackstone Technology Group, Bethesda Chapter

MSgt Paul Vinson, USAF, United States Air Force, Kaiserslautern Chapter 


2014 Emerging Leadership Award Winners

Emerging Leadership Award 2014

Nik Acheson (not pictured)

Elenchus Technologies
Central Maryland Chapter

SMSgt Douglas Brock, USAF

Warrior Preparation Center
Kaiserslautern Chapter

Tamar Mintz

Highlight Technologies
Bethesda Chapter

Stephan Nadeau

Lexington-Concord Chapter

MSgt Neil Stewart, USAF

AFLCMC, Business Enterprise Systems
Montgomery Chapter

Major Joseph Watson, USAF

United States Air Force
Hawaii Chapte



Emerging Leadership Award 2013 Winners

Emerging Leadership 2013 Winners

MSgt Kelly Bales, USAF
Alamo Chapter

Master Sergeant Kelly Bales won the Texas Regional DYA over a decade ago as a young Staff Sergeant and while he was the YAF representative to the Alamo Chapter Board of Directors and the designer of the still popular Alamo Chapter Coin of Excellence used at Fiesta Informacion. Kelly initiated the first-ever virtual teleconference with Goodfellow AFB during a monthly luncheon, and was coined by the Regional Vice President for his innovative contribution. He is also the Alamo YAF military liaison and heavily involved in the YAFs Touring Industry program and the local AFCEA International Way Ahead Program. Kelly is the Alamo YAF awards committee lead and presents the benefits of AFCEA at regional USAF commanders' calls. He is a motivating factor behind Alamo's Wounded Warriors-to-STEM skills training program. Chapter leadership depends on Kelly for consistent exceptional support. At monthly luncheons, Kelly is asked to lead the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance as well as giving the Invocation. He is also entrusted with leading the force of over 100 volunteers supporting the $150,000 Alamo Chapter Event (ACE). Kelly's many efforts and innovations have introduced Young AFCEA to so many outside the chapter.

Ryan Cox
Northern Virginia Chapter

Mr. Cox won the National Capital Region DYA award in 2011 for exemplary leadership as AFCEA NOVA Young AFCEAN (YAF). Resulting from his top performance as YAF President, he was elected to the NOVA Board in 2012. Ryan served successfully as VP of Information where he initiated innovative member communications, most notably the NOVA Communicator eNewsletter, and led the adoption of social media for advertising and member coupling. Ryan chaired AFCEA NOVA committees for Small Business, Sponsorship, and Schedules, and was selected for the 2013 Corjay Award, the highest Chapter honor not often given to younger members. In 2013 Ryan was elected as VP of Special Activities, managing the Chapter's largest events with a budget of over $880,000. With Regional YAF Presidents, he co-hosted a Holiday Social, Nationals games, and a Wounded Warrior Softball Game. He was also YAF liaison for AFCEA International's Small Business Committee; a Veteran's Scholarship Judge; a 2012 AFCEA International Meritorious Service Award Winner; and in September 2013 was AFCEA International's AFCEAN of the Month.

Sarah Dabney
Kimmich Software Systems, Inc.
Central Maryland Chapter

Ms. Dabney is currently Deputy VP of Outreach in the Central Maryland Chapter, coordinating meetings and developing relationships with multiple government agencies. As 2012 President of the CMD YAFs, Sarah led a 14-person Executive Committee, and created and filled key VP of Outreach (Government/Military) and Integration Lead positions. The CMD Young AFCEANs are averaging a 15%+ increase over past years in new memberships. From 2010 to present, Sarah has been the Annual Bull & Oyster Roast Lead, and has led the event's growth from 500-600 attendees and from $35,000 to nearly $50,000 for the chapter's scholarship fund. She coordinates all attendees, sponsors and details for the Valentine's Day Gala. Sarah co-led the TechNet Land Forces Young AFCEAN Social in partnership with the Aberdeen Chapter and AFCEA International to host nearly 100 guests. Sarah is involved with the efforts of establishing a student chapter at Anne Arundel Community College, speaking at a kick-off informational session to a group of 20+ students, and  establishing a Mentor/Mentee program between the chapter Young AFCEANs and the student chapter members. Sarah fundamentally represents the core of any leader: selfless service and integrity.

Evan R. Helmy
Los Angeles Chapter

Since receiving the DYA award in 2010, Mr. Helmy has excelled at hosting networking events for young professionals to promote AFCEA and has assisted the Regional Vice President (RVP) in creating two viable chapters in the Western Region. Evan joined the AFCEA Los Angeles Chapter in 2009 and immediately helped grow the Young AFCEAN program and backed up several of the other Board Officers in their activities. He was the Young AFCEAN, Regional Young AFCEAN, and now holds the position of VP of Operations. The latter is an extremely demanding job to plan and organize all the chapter's monthly luncheons. Evan dramatically increased the average luncheon attendance from 25 to 45, and a fall 2013 lunch had over 75 attendees. Evan continues involvement within the International Young AFCEAN community. Discussions with the RVP are taking place to host a meeting of Western Region Young AFCEANs on a bi-monthly call to share information, discuss mutual problems, and report back to the RVP and AFCEA International. Evan mentored Andrea Loper, the new Young AFCEAN, to continue to grow the Chapter. Networking events for the LA Chapter are being planned with significant interest among the junior officers/civilians at SMC.

Christopher Molis
Air Force Life Cycle Management Center
Lexington-Concord Chapter

Christopher Molis won the 2012 DYA Regional Award for his outstanding service to the Lexington-Concord Chapter, where he engaged as a key volunteer, event planner, and recruiter extraordinaire, bringing in 15 new members over a 12 month period. As a dynamic Young AFCEAN leader, Christopher hit the ground running, taking a critical role in charge of the most important Chapter initiatives. As Race Director of the 5K Fun Run/Walk, he ensured the unqualified success of this first, and hopefully annual, signature event, working with sponsors to bring in over $2,000. His mentorship contributions have been equally impressive, including his participation on several scholarship and STEM grant review panels for the Chapter. In addition, Chris is recognized within his community as an emerging leader, providing surfing lessons for Wounded Warriors and acting as both mentor and role model to the Little Warriors football and cheerleading teams in his local area. Drawing from the already-successful Rocket box Program, he led in the development of a Do It Yourself Robot kit that is programmable and targeted for 7th, 8th, and 9th graders. The Lexington-Concord Chapter has placed great emphasis on grooming Chris for even greater leadership responsibilities.

Lt Col Janel Nelson, USAFR
USSTRATCOM Joint Cyber Center
Greater Omaha Chapter

Lt Col Nelson won the Greater Omaha Chapter DYA award in 2010 because her efforts truly invigorated the Chapter's diversity program. Janel has served as a Young AFCEAN on the Greater Omaha Chapter Board for four years and was instrumental in partnering with a local University and a scholarship research center. She has also reviewed and approved dozens of scholarship applications as part of the education committee. Janel has provided assistance during the annual golf tournament and Technet event and she also procured information technology support for an alternate lunch location when the primary location was under construction. Janel developed a survey to address potential luncheon cost-share changes, enabling the chapter to predict the effect the cost of lunch will have on membership. Her partnership with a local university diversity group has enabled the chapter to stay informed on campus diversity events. As AFCEA Diversity Chair and a young AFCEAN, Janel has been mentored by senior board members and presidents. She developed a strong diversity program, won an AFCEA Meritorious Service award, led the chapter toward earning the Brenda M. Dougherty Diversity Program Award, and represented the chapter at WEST 2011.

Anne Wagner
Wavestrike LLC
Central Maryland Chapter

Mrs. Wagner has continued to be a beacon in the community since her Distinguished Young AFCEAN Award in 2008. Currently serving as the VP of Small Business, she coordinates small business speakers, collaboration efforts, and mentorship. Anne has served as the Chapter's VP of Individual Membership, VP of Membership, YAF representative to the AFCEA Intelligence Committee, Scholarship Committee Lead, VP of Events, and the Lead of the Women in Intelligence Group (WIIG). She has mentored interns at Northrop Grumman, involving them in YAF activities and the scholarship selection committee. Anne also mentors YAFs interested in business development and program management, and has supported the Fort Meade Alliance business mentoring program. A graduate of the AFCEA Leadership Forum, Anne interacted and offered fellow classmates the opportunity to speak as a small business representative at the Central Maryland luncheons. Anne developed new committee chairs and leads for the Scholarship Committee. She also mentored 10 women in a WIIG mentoring circle and continues to be an active WIIG participant.


Emerging Leadership Award 2012 Winners

Emerging Leadership 2012 Winners

See complete listing below for winners not pictured.

Michael Bowen
Praxis Engineering
Aberdeen Chapter

Michael Bowen has been involved in defense contracting for more than eight years and has been a member of the AFCEA Aberdeen Chapter since 2008. He has served as Vice President of Programs and is currently the First VP for the chapter. Since winning the Distinguished Young AFCEAN award two years ago, Mike has continued to lead the refinement of the often sold-out chapter monthly luncheons and has been integral in mentoring and supporting the new VP of Programs to keep the luncheons running smoothly. He was also responsible for the successful implementation, planning, and execution of the Aberdeen Chapter's first two Awards Dinners, which received many positive comments from attendees. Mike is highly motivated in promoting the chapter and works tirelessly behind the scenes to refine procedures and increase efficiency. He has represented the Aberdeen Chapter at AFCEA International meetings on several occasions and participated on several scholarship and STEM grant review panels for the chapter. Additionally, Mike has been an integral part of the planning committee for the chapter’s annual golf tournament, which generates significant revenue used for STEM education scholarships and initiatives. Mike’s solid vision for the chapter and his motivation to make things happen set him apart as an excellent recipient for the Emerging Leadership Award.

Anne-Stewart “Stewi” Downer
Northrop Grumman
Bethesda Chapter

Stewi Downer began her Young AFCEAN involvement at a bag-stuffing event. Since then, she’s successfully chaired two AFCEA Bethesda Senior Government Executive Dinners with over 30 government CXO speakers and brought in over $40,000 in sponsorships. The numbers speak for themselves; under Stewi’s leadership the membership involvement has significantly risen, the money raised for the Montgomery County IT Scholarships has doubled, the number of successful events has increased, and she’s also come up with new creative programs. In addition to supporting all of her Chapter initiatives, she is an active member of the Regional Young AFCEANs and supports other local chapters by cross promoting their events, hosting collaborative forums, and creating events to co-host. Since winning the DYA award, Stewi has served as President-Elect and now is currently serving as President. During this time, Stewi made mentoring and professional development a priority. She oversaw the first ever AFCEA Bethesda Mentor-Protégé night and participated in an outreach program to mentor the Bethesda Chapter’s scholarship recipients, allowing the next generation of YACs to develop themselves professionally. Thanks to her dedication, leadership, and mentorship the Bethesda Young AFCEAN program is remarkable, and for that she deserves to receive this award!

Kameke Mitchell
Program Executive Office – Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS)
Montgomery Chapter

Kameke Mitchell’s contributions during 2012 earned her the chapter’s annual Government AFCEAN of the Year award. Although Ms. Mitchell could not attend the Chapter’s seminal annual event, the Montgomery IT Summit, due to Air Force mission requirements, she dutifully supported four months of meetings between government stakeholders and the Renaissance Hotel staff, ensured 100% reliable communications, prepared the execution of more than $80,000 in spending with the hotel, and trained a “floor leader”, a future “Kameke”, to manage the execution of the two-day conference attended by more than 600 Air Force and Industry IT practitioners. Ms. Mitchell’s dedication to duty and superb organizational skills allowed her to effectively manage and assist in the complete setup and management of the YAAC’s monthly Business Over Breakfast series, manage the “Get Fit with YAAC” initiative, and assisted in the coordination and management of the registration process for all AFCEA functions, including the management of the volunteers supporting each activity. Ms. Mitchell distinguishes herself by providing exceptional service in all her activities. Her untiring efforts and “Can Do” attitude are instrumental to her success as an outstanding AFCEAN and Civilian for the U.S. Air Force.

Capt Charles O’Connor, USAF
Lexington-Concord Chapter

Captian Charles O’Connor has emerged as a vital asset to the Lexington-Concord Young AFCEAN leadership team. Elected as the Lexington-Concord Young AFCEAN Government Co-President in 2010, he increased the Chapter’s Young AFCEAN membership by 16% and directly initiated the Lexington-Concord AFCEA ”Rocket Box” program, a STEM initiative which drew 680 middle school participants. By blending the talents of both military and industry members, Capt O’Connor has proven that he is instrumental to the success of the Chapter’s operations. Through his endeavors, he has demonstrated to young industry employees, Air Force officers, airmen and government civilians how AFCEA can positively affect professional and personal development. In sum, Capt O’Connor (who is currently deployed in Afghanistan) leads by example. His hand on the helm has been evident in virtually all he has done, and he has set the standard for all of the Young AFCEANs in the Lexington-Concord Chapter.

Bethany Reese
Hilton San Antonio Airport
Alamo Chapter

Bethany continues to provide superb leadership and support for AFCEA daily, serving on the Alamo Chapter's Young AFCEANs Board and also in her new role as Texas Regional Young AFCEAN. A 2011 Regional DYA awardee, Bethany has again raised the bar. Throughout 2012, she more than tripled Young AFCEAN participation by enhancing mentorship programs, advocating and securing military senior leader engagement in Young AFCEAN activities, and bringing revenue-neutral YAC initiatives to chapter members. She established new social networking venues and delegated the management of these events among the growing team of young professionals. She donated her time and experience to arrange and coordinate new programs including the first of a kind Business to Breakfast event and Alamo’s first ever Mentor-Protégé Night. Her leadership raises the bar for other Young AFCEANs in the Chapter, while her engaging personality and innovative thinking continues to create growth in the Young AFCEAN program. At the Regional level, Bethany has presented the Young AFCEAN program benefits and best practices to peer chapters around Texas, creating interest to establish Young AFCEAN programs throughout the state. Bethany’s continued contributions as the top Chapter Young AFCEAN have more than earned her the honor of being designated an Emerging Leader.

MSgt Todd Weingeroff, USAF
86th Communications Squadron
Kaiserslautern Chapter

Master Sergeant Todd Weingeroff was awarded the Distinguished Young AFCEAN Award in 2011 and has since continued as Chairman of the Membership Committee. MSgt Weingeroff and his membership co-chair set out to increase the total chapter membership by a minimum of 10% for a second year in a row and they are well on their way; membership has increased 35% since February 2011. In addition, he single-handedly recruited an unprecedented 55 new members! He has spurred the chapter toward numerous awards to include the Albert J. Myer award for membership growth and the Model Chapter of the Year award. Eager to recognize the accomplishments of others, he has served a key role on the chapter’s monthly Emerging Young AFCEAN Leader award selection committee. MSgt Weingeroff has been an invaluable addition to the Young AFCEAN team. His involvement with the Young AFCEAN program is far-reaching, serving as the initial POC for the annual Bazaar fundraiser, coordinating with multiple corporate sponsors to obtain tours of their respective companies, establishing communications with the Bonn and Stuttgart chapters and setting up two meet-and-greet events for Young AFCEAN representatives. Furthermore, he has coordinated multiple cyber defense/offense training seminars. His innovative ideas and active leadership have greatly benefited this organization. MSgt Weingeroff clearly embodies all of the characteristics of an AFCEA Emerging Leader!

Mary Allison Yourchisin
Intelligent Decisions
Tampa-St. Petersburg Chapter

Mary Allison Yourchisin has delivered sustained outstanding results in creating meaningful programs for the Tampa “Pelican” Chapter Young AFCEANs. She is the primary source for Young AFCEAN activities in the South Florida Region and has shown outstanding leadership by collaborating and sharing positive results and ideas with the Young AFCEAN groups in the region. When Mary Allison took over leadership of the Pelican Chapter Young AFCEAN program there were five members; she has since increased membership to 180. This has been done through her leadership in creating several monthly Young AFCEAN programs, her active participation in these programs and her excellent communication to the chapter membership and other local organizations of like-minded personnel. Mary Allison also created four committee chair positions within the Young AFCEAN program. This has helped distribute responsibility while providing leadership opportunities for the chapter’s Young AFCEANs and a pipeline of young leaders to the chapter as a whole. Her leadership by example and her positive attitude inspire her peers to step up and add value to the Chapter. She has set a very high standard for not only the Young AFCEANs, but everyone in the Tampa Pelican Chapter.

Emerging Leadership Award 2011 Winners

Emerging Leadership recipients are (l-r) Amanda Jordan; Eric Sloan; Alyssa M. Ranson; Jochen Reinhardt; Brad Barker; Casey Weinstein; Patrick G. Harvey; and Emily Rausch.

Emerging Leadership winner not pictured is Jason March.

See complete listing below for winners not pictured.

Brad Barker
The Computer Merchant, Ltd
Northern Virginia Chapter

Brad Barker has shown outstanding initiative in implementing valuable programs for the NOVA Chapter Young AFCEANs. He has demonstrated strong leadership in building collaboration among the Young AFCEAN chapter groups in the region. Brad is the Co-President for the Young AFCEAN Advisory Council to AFCEA International, and he is the representative to the Executive Committee for YACs. He sits on the Membership Committee for AFCEA International and has been an active voice for YACs in the International community. He currently serves on the Membership Committee for AFCEA NOVA and is responsible for the New Affiliate Program.

As one of the AFCEA NOVA rising stars, Brad has been responsible for the successful content of the program, as well as the growth and participation level of the YACs in the Chapter. He has been instrumental in providing mentoring opportunities for up-and-coming leaders, venues for social and business networking, and directly coordinating volunteer efforts. Brad Barker is definitely one of AFCEA’s Emerging Leaders.

Patrick G. Harvey
Lexington-Concord Chapter

Patrick Harvey has emerged as a vital asset to the Lexington-Concord Young AFCEAN (LCYA) leadership team. Elected as the LCYA Industry Co-President in 2010, he increased the Chapter’s Young AFCEAN membership by 15% and directly initiated the Hanscom AFB STARBASE program, as well as other numerous programs and events. By blending the talents of both military and industry members, Patrick has proven that he is instrumental to the success of the Chapter’s operations. Patrick appreciates the importance of mentorship. He personally invited senior leaders to be guest speakers at four Leadership Lunches. Through this endeavor, he has demonstrated to young industry employees, Air Force officers, airmen and government civilians how AFCEA can positively affect professional and personal development. The Chapter can always count on Patrick to turn challenges into triumphs. Time after time, other members notice his hands-on approach and are inspired to do the same. Patrick leads by example; his hand on the helm has been evident in virtually all he has done, and he has set the standard for all of the Young AFCEANS in the Lexington-Concord Chapter.

Amanda Jordan
Department of Navy Fleet Cyber Command
Hampton Roads Chapter

Joint Warfighting Conference 2011 attendees no doubt met Amanda Jordan in some capacity, whether it was at the Cornhole Tournament, on the exhibit floor with the Small Business Reception, or at the AFCEA booth helping to attract new members to the organization. She is a true spark plug and had a great year as the Virginia Regional Distinguished Young AFCEAN. In addition to performing her duties at the Hampton Roads Chapter and for the Virginia Region, Amanda made the transition from her industry job to accept a government position with Navy Cyber Forces. She is like the Energizer Bunny and is a great ambassador for the Young AFCEANs!

Jason March
Northern Virginia Chapter

Jason March is a strong volunteer for the NOVA chapter. He is responsible for re-establishing a vital Young AFCEAN program. He provided organization, valuable activities, and integrated the members fully into chapter programs. Most importantly, Jason created an enduring organization by developing a strong cadre of leaders who continue his processes and initiatives. As the 2011 Vice President for Membership, Jason conducts outreach to existing and prospective individual and corporate members, including both small and large businesses. He is responsible for helping define and deliver the AFCEA value proposition in an increasingly crowded and competitive marketplace. Jason works closely with the Chapter’s small business committee to ensure the program of events is aligned with the goals and objectives of the Membership Committee. He is also doing an excellent job as a member of the Board of Directors. Jason represents the future of the Chapter and he has established himself as a leader within AFCEA and the industry at large. He serves as the model for how to excel in the organization and has established the blueprint for emerging leaders to follow.

Alyssa Ranson
TDC Government Solutions
Aberdeen Chapter

Alyssa Ranson continues to exhibit all the positive strategic leadership traits expected of Emerging Leadership Award winners. Under her leadership, the Aberdeen Chapter is exceeding its own aggressive goals. She is leading the efforts to evolve and enhance the Chapter Executive Committee to successfully serve its members, now and in future years, as the chapter continues to expand at a rapid pace. She is also involved in a hands-on way in a variety of YAC initiatives, as these activities continue to expand and mature, and in the primary leadership role as the chapter's golf event grows and raised more scholarship funds than ever before. Alyssa is truly deserving of the Emerging Leadership Award, having exhibited all the right leadership abilities.

Emily Rausch
KEM Force
Alamo Chapter

Emily Rausch began her Young AFCEAN involvement by volunteering for the key Programs Chair position in May of 2009. By December of 2009, participation at Alamo Chapter Young AFCEA networking events had more than doubled. As event successes piled up, Emily was the right choice to be the new 2010 Alamo YAC Director. Under Emily, the YAC program continues to take giant strides in participation, mentorship, networking and military involvement. Her openness to ideas have helped spur new event venues such as industry tours and YAC sponsored career fairs at the annual chapter conference. Emily is already emerging as a true leader in AFCEA by helping the Regional Vice President spread the word about the benefits of AFCEA.

Jochen Reinhardt
BWI Informationstechnik GmbH
Bonn E.V. Chapter

Since joining AFCEA Bonn e.V. in 2007, Jochen Reinhardt has been active as the Vice President of Public Relations and as the Young AFCEAN representative for both the chapter as well as for the Northwest European Region. Jochen was awarded the Distinguished Young AFCEAN Award in 2009. Since then, he has continued the Young AFCEAN program and grown the young community. He has also continued to serve as chapter officer and has broadened AFCEA Bonn’s school sponsorship program. He redesigned the chapter homepage and conducted a full editorial relaunch. In his latest project, Jochen setup a consistent chapter-corporate design with a style guide, which was a first for the chapter.

Eric Sloan
Precision Task Group
Montgomery Chapter

Eric Sloan is amazing out-front leader! His leadership acumen, and results driven motivation are examples of how one can become totally involved in a small Chapter and far exceeded expectations. A past recipient of the Distinguished Young AFCEAN Award, Eric has not rested on his laurels. He is not a splash in the pan; that is, his involvement is not a onetime shot. He is totally immersed in every chapter activity. There is no one more involved, participating in more events in the Montgomery Chapter than Eric. It is not just the events he leads; he is omnipresent even when he is in a supporting role. He has taken the Montgomery Chapter’s YAC program from infancy to an outstanding self-sustaining entity. He is currently orchestrating with the chapter president to launch the first AFCEA Club at Tuskegee University. Eric is unsurpassed in his attention to detail and having a game plan ready for every eventuality -- translating into resounding program successes. Moreover, he helps meet a key challenge facing industry and the nation as a whole; that is, promoting science, technology, engineering and math to the nation’s future leaders. He is very deserving of selection for the Emerging Leader Award!

Casey Weinstein
Dayton-Wright Chapter

The numbers speak for themselves: Casey Weinstein and his team raised nearly $170,000 this calendar year in support of the Dayton-Wright Chapter's Scholarship program. He was also personally responsible for enlisting the support of Mike Farrell (MASH Fame) to serve as the Master of Ceremonies for the annual TechNet Aero 2011 Banquet. His ability to seek out and take advantage of all the available opportunities to promote the AFCEA vision makes him a valuable asset to the Dayton-Wright Chapter. Casey is most deserving of the Emerging Leadership Award

Emerging Leadership Award 2010 Winners

TSgt Joshua D. Copeland, USAF
United States Air Force
ArkLaTex Chapter

Technical Sergeant Copeland is an energetic and involved AFCEAN. There is not anything that happens within the ArkLaTex AFCEA Chapter that Sergeant Copeland is not part of. He is a former recipient of the Young AFCEAN of the Year award, and his sustainment of the qualities and efforts in support of AFCEA that qualified him as the Young AFCEAN of the Year, coupled with maturity and growth, earn him the distinction of being selected for the Emerging Leadership Award! Add to that his serving on the Headquarters AFCEA Young AFCEAN Advisory Council, which in turn led to his current position as the Age Diversity Chair on the HQ AFCEA Membership Committee.

Andrew Heo
Rocky Mountain Chapter

Andy consistently performs at a standard high above his peers and is the perfect candidate as an emerging leader. He was named the 2009 Distinguished Young AFCEAN of the Year by AFCEA International for his work in the IT community and dedication to AFCEA at all levels.  Additionally, he was recognized by Federal Computer Week as a 2010 Rising Star, one of twenty four up and coming federal employees. His tireless effort in his professional career, educational endeavors and philanthropic work highlight this package. He is an energizer bunny and just keeps going on and on supporting so many AFCEA functions. He is a tremendous spokesperson for AFCEA.

Tatiaunna M. Maldonado
Stuttgart Chapter

Following her selection in 2008 for the DYA award, Ms. Maldonado has continued to contribute greatly to the Stuttgart Chapter and the local community through her volunteer efforts. She has stood out among her peers and consistently led by example. Ms. Maldonado has actively served the Stuttgart Chapter for over three years as our Membership Vice President. During her tenure, membership in AFCEA has increased over 15% and the Chapter now boasts over 20 Life Members. She is respected and admired by subordinates and superiors alike. Further, Ms. Maldonado has had a direct influence on Young AFCEANs ranging from High School Seniors to the younger generation of working military and civilian professionals in the Stuttgart Community. She is an active and involved AFCEA supporter and exemplifies the ideals associated with AFCEA’s Emerging Leadership Award.

Raheem McCormick
Montgomery Chapter

Ray’s leadership acumen and results driven motivation are examples how one can become totally involved in a small AFCEA chapter and raise the bar on expectations. A past recipient of the AFCEA Distinguished Young AFCEAN Award, Ray has not rested on his laurels. He is totally immersed in every chapter activity. This past year he conceived an idea for a new joint project between the Chapter’s Educational Foundation and Young AFCEANs to implement a broadband IT solution for one of the community’s largest, yet resource-stricken elementary schools. Working with Young AFCEANs, he helped recruit dozens of young volunteers- enlisted, junior officers, and civil servants. A leader with tremendous energy, talent, enthusiasm, he is unsurpassed in his attention to detail and having a game plan ready for every eventuality – translating into resounding program successes. Moreover, he helps meet a key challenge facing our industry and nation as a whole; that is, promoting science, technology, engineering and math to future leaders.

Penny Morgan
Aermor LLC
Hampton Roads Chapter

Penny Morgan, Young AFCEAN chair on the Hampton Roads Chapter board of directors, continues to grow and advocate for Hampton Roads Chapter Young AFCEAN membership. She was awarded Distinguished Young AFCEAN in 2009. During this past year, she quit her real job and set out on her own by founding a new woman-owned small business! Despite this life changing event, she continued her high level of enthusiasm for the chapter as the YAC Chair. She has earned this award in spades!

Capt Katherine L. Stowe, USAF
USAF Electronic Systems Center
Lexington-Concord Chapter

Captain Kate Stowe has become a dynamic leader on the AFCEA leadership team. Over the last three years Kate has emerged as one of Lexington-Concord Chapter’s prime movers. She has demonstrated an outstanding dedication to the Young AFCEANs in her leadership role as the Executive Committee Treasurer. She manages an annual budget which has enabled the Young AFCEANs to award $10,000 in scholarships, sponsor seven events, recruit 30 new members and host four mentorship sessions. But Kate’s role expands well beyond her position as Treasurer. She is truly a guiding force with the Young AFCEANs, providing exceptional service to AFCEA. Kate was awarded Regional DYA several years ago and she hasn’t stopped since. She is the epitome of a leader and most deserving of this award. She recently assumed the role of Regional Young AFCEAN in addition to her other AFCEA, Professional and personal duties (new Mom too). A truly outstanding individual!

Richard Windsor
Booz Allen Hamilton
Central Maryland Chapter

Mr. Windsor has been actively involved in the AFCEA Central Maryland Chapter (CMC) and the Young AFCEANs (YACs) since returning from overseas duty supporting Joint Communications in September 2008. Mr. Windsor’s prior military service and multiple years in the defense service industry serve as the foundation for his current endeavors supporting national security efforts in the cyber, information assurance and digital forensic domains. Ricky Windsor’s record of accomplishment and support of AFCEA and the AFCEA International Cyber Committee are inspirational to everybody in the Central Maryland Chapter and to YACs beyond Central Maryland.  His sponsorship of YACs coordinating their activities through social media is the wave of the future. He is an example of the leaders AFCEA needs going forward.

Emerging Leadership Award 2009 Winners

Carey N. Bandler
ImmixGroup, Inc.
Northern Virginia Chapter

Since receiving DYA in February 2008, Carey has continued to engage at all levels of the association. He continues to be a mentor, recruiting and advising many new YAFCEANS. At the International level, he is currently the President of the YAAC and representative to the Executive Committee. Carey has twice been a track chair at the SOLUTIONS Series. This young man is the archetype of a Young AFCEAN with his drive, leadership qualities, and integrity.

Amanda E. Gustafson
Raytheon Company
Lexington-Concord Chapter

There are leaders and there are followers. Amanda Gustafson not only leads by example but gets things done while encouraging others to participate. She championed the movement to have a YA representative as a voting member of AFCEA International. She wrote a Grant to fund STEM student events, and was chosen to escort the Air Force Chief of Staff during a recent C2ISR Symposium. She is the epitome of a Young AFCEAN and clearly shines as an emerging leader.

Capt Kristen R. Kayata, USAF
Tokyo Chapter

Captain Kristen Kayata is an outstanding Air Force Officer, exemplary leader and dedicated AFCEAN. As the Tokyo Chapter’s Vice President of Awards, she immediately engaged with members and established the Chapter’s monthly AFCEAN of the Month award. She then became Vice President of Scholarships and established a quarterly Junior Enlisted scholarship program, created relationships with local Japanese Hamara City Schools, and increased the momentum and awareness of the Chapter’s Science Teaching Tools program. In addition to planning the Chapter’s Summer Fiesta Party, she was instrumental in organizing and hosting Tokyo TechNet 2009. Captain Kayata is a true professional and community leader and is well deserving of this award.

Beth M. Sheehy
Seismic LLC
Central Maryland Chapter

Beth continued her great record of service to AFCEA this year as YAC Executive Committee President. Previously, Beth was Chapter YAC Vice President, where she worked to provide students access to technical career opportunities and increase awareness of AFCEA with a younger demographic. Beth helped spearhead the AFCEA Adopt a School Program at Meade High School, wrote curriculum and created lesson plans on career development, interviewing, goal setting and communication, and mentored students in these areas. Beth's leadership and teaching skills have increased awareness of AFCEA with young professionals in the Maryland Region, an investment which will pay dividends as these young people move into careers and AFCEA membership in the future

Emerging Leadership Award 2008 Winners

Alison Eyre
Strategic Resource Group
Central Maryland Chapter

Alison Eyre’s great service earned her selection as a Distinguished Young AFCEAN in 2005, and since then, she has been even more active. As just one example, Alison spearheaded Central Maryland’s Adopt a School program at Meade High School, leading a team which even wrote a curriculum for the program, now available on Central Maryland’s website for all participants. This program mentors students in interviewing, career development, communications and goal setting, and is a great example of AFCEA impact in the local community. Congratulations, Alison!

Katie Gladhill
Nortel Government Solutions
Northern Virginia Chapter

As NOVA Chapter YAFCEAN Chairperson, Katie provides invaluable leadership to YAFCEAN events. Additionally she volunteers for MILCOM, Golf Committee, Small Business Committee, Valentines Ball Committee, and Service IT Days. She supports the monthly luncheons as Floor Manager, coordinates the Toys for Tots drive and Girl Scout Science and Technology Day, and lends her strong leadership skills to the Mentor Protégé night. She is a key player in the Chapter’s support of the Wounded Warrior Project.

Matthew Heideman
Lexington-Concord Chapter

Matthew Heideman has hit the ground running, and paused only to pick up speed! From spearheading STARBASE (a DOD-run math and science program for 5th Graders), to leading 25 YA’s in supporting Hanscom AFB’s first Air Force Cyber Summit (where he personally interfaced with the Air Force Secretary and Air Force Chief of Staff), to directly helping recruit 30 new members, he truly sets the standard for Young AFCEANs in the Lexington-Concord Chapter.

1st Lt Neftali Herrada, USAF
603rd Air and Space Communications Squadron
Kaiserslautern Chapter

The enthusiasm and work ethic that he displays in everything that he does for the chapter has contributed to the chapter reaching newer heights each year and made him a standout. He is also a top performer in his unit and makes major contributions, helping it surpassing its organizational goals. Whatever he does he always gives his best. He will be an outstanding leader in the US Air Force.

Andrea Kunk
Peerless Technologies Corporation
Dayton-Wright Chapter

Andrea Kunk IS the future of the Dayton-Wright Chapter. Her selection as an Emerging Leader is a fitting tribute to her professionalism, dedication and leadership skills which are constantly on display. If it's a tough task that needs to be accomplished, the Dayton-Wright Chapter turns to Andrea. Her selection as InfoTech 2009 Vice Chair, which will lead to her Chairmanship in 2010, is the culmination of her dedicated service to the Chapter. GO, ANDREA.

Angela Norris
Oracle Federal
Bethesda Chapter

Angela Norris has become a driving force bringing younger IT professionals from both Government and industry into the mainstream of the Federal IT community. In 2007-2008, serving both as Chair of the Bethesda Young AFCEANs and Industry Chair for the Results Committee at the Industry Advisory Council (IAC) Management of Change (MOC) Conference, she worked tirelessly in ensuring that young IT professionals not only had a "seat at the table" but that delivered meaningful results.

Cristina Page
DISA - Europe
Stuttgart Chapter

Christina puts a lot of enthusiasm into everything that she does for the chapter and it shows. Since she has been an officer the chapter membership has increased substantially and the amount of funds available for scholarships is significantly higher. Her efforts played a major role in these chapter accomplishments. She is always personally involved in all chapter events doing whatever is needed to make the event a success.


Emerging Leadership Award 2007 Winners

Maj Neal Bowen, USAF
HQ US Army Forces Command
Atlanta Chapter

Major Neal Bowen is currently serving in a joint position at HQ U.S. Army Forces Command, Ft. McPherson, Georgia, and he's a proven leader in the Atlanta AFCEA Chapter: Member of our Board of Directors, VP of Science Fairs and Science Teaching Tools Program, and now VP of Young AFCEANs.

TSgt Peter Christ, USAF
1st Combat Communications Squadron
Kaiserslautern Chapter

Technical Sergeant Peter Christ is the Treasurer for the Kaiserslautern Chapter. As a member of this year's Tech Expo planning team, he ensured the success of the Chapter's Golf Tournament, raising $22,000 for college scholarships. Additionally, TSgt Christ was recognized during the chapter's annual sport day for recruiting five personnel.

Steve Krauss
GTSI Corp.
Bethesda Chapter

Steve Krauss was awarded the DYA in 2005 for starting the Bethesda YAFCEANs and serving as its first chair. Steve served as the chapter’s VP of Membership for two years and played a major role for the chapter’s Law Enforcement IT Day and the Children’s Inn Charity event. Steve was recently elected Chapter President.

1st Lt Kenneth P. Malloy Jr., USAF
1st Combat Communications Squadron
Kaiserslautern Chapter

First Lieutenant Malloy is the Secretary for the Kaiserslautern Chapter. During the 2007 Summer Tech Expo, he flawlessly organized the visit of AFCEA International Executive VP, LTG John Dubia, USA (Ret). Lt Malloy also organized monthly luncheons bridging relationships between the chapter and corporate IT members. Finally, his selfless commitment raised $20K for scholarships.

John W. Mitchell
Pyxis Engineering, LLC
Central Maryland Chapter

John Mitchell has been critical to the success of the Central Maryland Chapter Young AFCEAN program. Since 2005, his involvement has enabled the CMC YACs to continue to grow and build momentum. John is an outstanding representative of the CMC Chapter and his commitment to the AFCEA mission is unrivaled.

CPT Richard E. Tuggle, USAR
Raytheon Company
Huntsville Chapter

Rick Tuggle, member of the Huntsville Chapter Board of Directors, is a previous recipient of the Distinguished Young AFCEAN (DYA) Award. Rick is a Space Operations Officer in the Army Reserves and is currently employed with Raytheon. He is dedicated to providing young engineers awareness of AFCEA through scholarships and volunteerism.