The FY18 Army Intelligence Science and Technology (S&T) Focus Areas are now available here!

Presentations Now Available!
Army Day: Panel 1 (UNCLASSIFIED) --  Rose
Army Day: Panel 1 (UNCLASSIFIED) -- MG Vollmecke
Army Day: Panel 2 (UNCLASSIFIED) -- COLCapobianco
Army Day: Panel 2 (UNCLASSIFIED) -- RDML Keck 
Multi-Domain Battle (MDB) Transition Brief (UNCLASSIFIED) 
Breakout Session Meeting Multi-Domain Challenges for Sensors (UNCLASSIFIED) -- Zablocky
Breakout Session Meeting Multi-Domain Challenges for Sensors (UNCLASSIFIED) -- COL Sanchez
Breakout Session Airborne ISR (UNCLASSIFIED) -- I2WD Opportunities
Breakout Session Airborne ISR (UNCLASSIFIED) -- COL Gloor
Breakout Session Airborne ISR (UNCLASSIFIED) -- COL Sheppard
Breakout Session Airborne ISR (UNCLASSIFIED) -- COL Levine
Breakout Session Airborne ISR (UNCLASSIFIED) -- COL Ziemba
Breakout Session Airborne ISR (UNCLASSIFIED) -- Lopez

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The 5th iteration of AFCEA Army Intelligence Industry Day takes place on 29 June 2017. The Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Headquarters, U.S. Army, will co-sponsor a one day, classified event tailored for members of industry focused on U.S. Army Intelligence.  

LTG Robert Ashley, USA, Deputy Chief of Staff, G-2 (Intelligence), will bring together key leaders from Army Force Development, Army Intelligence, Army Science and Technology (S&T), and Army Acquisition to help industry gain insights on the technologies, capabilities, and services required to support Army Intelligence in the future. This year, MG John G. Ferrari, U.S. Army G-8, Director of Program Analysis and Evaluation will deliver a keynote address and describe how Army Intelligence fits within the budget. Our agenda includes panels and breakout sessions that will share:
The Attributes of The Future Operating Environment (OE), Capability Gaps vs. Threat, and Mid/Far Term Goals 
Ways and Means to Close Science And Technology Gaps
Specific strategic, programmatic, and technical topics of interest in an interactive discussion format
Attendees will gain a greater understanding of the Army Intelligence vision and how the Army is prepared to partner with industry to achieve its goals and objectives in a changing fiscal and operational environment.
We look forward to seeing you there!
LtGen Robert Shea, USMC (Ret.)
President & CEO
AFCEA International