"Big Data - Key for Future GeoInformation Services"

Venue: Hotel Steglitz International, Berlin, Germany

The 2nd European GeoInformation Symposium & Exhibition, organised by AFCEA Europe and the Bundeswehr Geoinformation Service, will focus on how huge and constantly growing amounts of related data and datasets can be handled simultaneously, efficiently and effectively to provide guidance for future-oriented decision making. The exponentially rising amount of geoinformation calls for adequate, future-oriented data management. If appropriately designed to meet future needs, a dedicated big data approach may offer broad opportunities for long-term as well as instant analyses and related services. The approach requires cutting-edge technology in the hardware and software domains. Hardware must be built according to the respective architectural requirements, and software needs to be designed according to user needs and concepts for implementation, even in existing workflows. Both aspects must be addressed to create optimized geoinformation services, based on geospatial and environmental data that either exist or will become available. 
The symposium will provide an appropriate platform for the key players, including the armed forces and authorities with security functions as well as the research and industry sectors. The participants will demonstrate their own capabilities, raise issues and probe opportunities for cooperation. Additionally, an industry exhibition will allow attendees to take a close look at cutting-edge hardware and software applications.

Session Topics:

  • Requirements and Architectures
  • Strategies and Methods
  • Analytics of Environmental and Geospatial Data
  • GeoInformation Services
Confirmed Keynote Speakers and Panelists:
Dr. Ralf Brauksiepe, Parliamentary State Secretary, Federal Ministry of Defence, Germany 
Mr. Klaus Hardy Mühleck, Head of Directorate General, Cyber and Information Technology, Federal Ministry of Defence, Germany
Lieutenant General Martin Schelleis, DEU AF, Chief of the Bundeswehr Joint Support Service
Lieutenant General Dipl.-Ing. Ludwig Leinhos, DEU AF, Chief of the German Cyber and Information Domain Service
Dr. Jamie Shea, Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges, NATO HQ
Brigadier General Martin Konertz, Director Capability, Armament & Technology, European Defence Agency (EDA)
Dr. Paul Becker, Vice President, German Meteorological Service (DWD)
Brigadier General Dr. Friedrich Teichmann, AUT AR, Director, Geospatial Institute, Austrian Armed Forces 
Mr. Justin Poole, Director Source Operations and Management, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
Dr. Hannes Taubenböck, Head of Research Group, Modeling & Geostatistical Methods, German Remote Sensing Data Center, German Aerospace Center (DLR)