TSA Announcement

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announces a virtual TSA Industry Day, in partnership with AFCEA, on November 18, 2020. AFCEA will provide a virtual platform open to mission partners and all industry organizations that seek to better understand TSA's mission needs and offer possible business solutions.

General Program Overview

This one-day virtual event will feature TSA leaders, subject matter experts panels, a session on emerging contracts, and an opportunity for participants to engage through questions to the panel members and an emerging contracts presentation about specific topics and opportunities addressed by the speakers.  The sessions will focus on areas such as TSA resilience and responsiveness during the COVID-19 environment; health and safety at the checkpoint to instill traveler confidence; innovating the workplace and the environment with new technologies; and how TSA promotes a diverse marketplace that encourages small business solutions within the security technology arena through the use of public-private partnerships.