Welcome to the AFCEA Classified Cyber Forum


What is this event?
There is an increasing focus on cyber threat intelligence within government and the private sector. However, ‘cyber threat intelligence’ means different things to different organizations – and it intersects with other activities and disciplines such as counterintelligence and cyber security. Key questions and challenges in cyber threat intelligence as understood and practiced within Government and the private sector remain. Increases in the level of malicious cyber activity and in actors able to pose significant threat complicate our ability to detect – let alone to prevent or counter – such activity. This Forum will focus on how this changing threat affects intelligence, homeland security, and cyber security from a technology, policy, and substantive/information perspective. 

What is unique about this event? 
The answer is in the name – it is a classified event.  As a result, the discussion can go to another, deeper level.

Who is behind the agenda? 
The agenda was developed by a team of subject matter experts from the AFCEA Intelligence, Cyber, and Homeland Security committees.

Who will speak?
  • Joshua Steinman, Special Assistant to the President for Cyber, The White House - National Security Council
  • Mark Kneidinger, Director, Federal Network Resilience, Department of Homeland Security 
  • Tonya Ugoretz, Director, Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center
  • Col Gary Brown, USAF (Ret.), Senior Legal Advisor, United States Department of Defense
  • Jim Richberg, National Intelligence Manager for Cyber, Office of the Director of National Intelligence
  • John Gilligan, Chairman and Interim CEO, Center for Internet Security, and former CIO of the Air Force and Department of Energy
  • Jill Singer, Vice President - National Security, AT&T Global Public Sector Solutions, and former CIO of the National Reconnaissance Agency
  • Click here to see the full list of speakers
What Topics will be discussed?
  • Global threat analysis and players
  • The cyber threat
  • U.S. response to global threat analysis and major threat players
  • Sharing cyber threat intelligence
  • Cyber legal talk
  • Industry classified views

Check out the agenda and plan on joining us at the AFCEA Classified Cyber Forum on July 13.