Gravely and Paige Grants

Gravely and Paige Grants for STEM Teachers



The AFCEA Educational Foundation is dedicated to providing support to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) students and teachers. Since 2010, AFCEA and its chapters have provided more than $1.8 million annually to students and teachers. 

The Gravely and Paige Grants provide funding to elementary and middle schools in the United States to promote STEM innovation in the classrooms with an emphasis on academic programs. Grants of up to $2,000 are awarded. This is a joint effort between AFCEA chapters and the AFCEA Educational Foundation to help augment the cost to students for activities or tools inside or outside of the classroom, such as robotics clubs, cyber clubs and other STEM-related activities . 

The Gravely Grants for Elementary School STEM Teachers  are named after the foundation’s first executive director, Vice Adm. Samuel L. Gravely, Jr., USN (Ret.), who initiated AFCEA’s science and technology teaching tool grants program.  

The Paige Grants for Middle School STEM Teachers are named after Lt. Gen. Emmett Paige Jr., USA (Ret.).  

Guidelines for Gravely and Paige Grants for STEM Teachers

  • The teacher must teach science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) at an elementary or middle school in the United States.
  • Teachers working in schools with economically disadvantaged students will be considered first.
  • The awards are not limited to public schools. Selection will be based on the teachers' skills, potential to use the funds well and financial need. 
  • A detailed proposal is required stating the following: 
    • Title and description of program/project 
    • Number of students involved/impacted 
    • Goals and objectives 
      • Methods and procedures  
    • Timetable 
    • Method of evaluating program/project 
  • Budget describing how the funds will be used
  • Applications must include a letter of recommendation from the principal of the school.

Applications are accepted and awarded on a rolling basis.

AFCEA Chapter Level Grants

AFCEA Chapters also provide grants to STEM Teachers.  Contact a chapter in your local area.