Gravely Grants Program for Chapters

In 2014, the STEM Teaching Grants were renamed in honor of the AFCEA Educational Foundation's first executive director, Vice Admiral Samuel L. Gravely, USN (Ret.), who initiated AFCEA’s science and technology teacher tool grants program. 

Chapter Teaching Tools Grant Program 

This program is a joint effort between individual AFCEA Chapters and the Educational Foundation to promote effective STEM teaching and to enhance the abilities of capable STEM teachers in elementary and high schools worldwide. The grants are intended to help an elementary or high school STEM teacher (or international equivalent) to augment STEM activities for his/her students. 

The AFCEA Educational Foundation will provide a $500 Grant, which is intended to be matched by chapter funds. 

To receive a STEM Teaching Tool Grant, a chapter must

  • Submit their Chapter Annual Report
  • Chapters that have a scholarship program must pay the assessment fee to AFCEA’s Education Foundation
  • Submit a report detailing how it will use the grant or how it used the previous year's funding if it received a grant.

AFCEA Educational Foundation Recommendations for Gravely STEM Teaching Tool Grant Selection 

Local chapters have latitude to modify guidelines based on their needs.

  • Individual AFCEA chapters select one elementary or high school science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) teacher in the local community. Teachers working in schools that are poorly supported and/or with economically disadvantaged students are to be considered first. The awards are not limited to public schools. International chapters may select a STEM teacher from a DoDD school, or alternatively, the international equivalent of a U.S. middle/intermediate or high school. 
  • Selection should be based on the teacher's skills, his/her potential to use the funds well and financial need. The method of selection is at the discretion of the chapter. 
  • Requests for funding should be as user-friendly as possible. It is suggested not to require detailed proposals, but request a statement to include the following: How the funds will be used and number of students impacted. 

The AFCEA Educational Foundation will provide $500, pending adequate funding, per school year per participating chapter, that is intended to be matched by chapter funds. Chapters are encouraged to provide additional money should their local means allow and multiply the number of awards. Chapters are encouraged to make a substantial impact in one location rather than a wide dispersion of funds. 

Grants will be funded in September or October each year for the current school year. The funds should be presented by a chapter representative directly to the selected teacher(s) sometime during the school year, preferably in the fall, and then spent by the teacher(s) for such items or activities as consumable supplies, hardware, software, SMART boards, projectors or other equipment with a STEM focus.

Grants can also be used to fund extracurricular activities sponsored by STEM teachers such as robotics clubs, math clubs and FIRST competitions. Except in unusual circumstances, the award should not be renewable to the same teacher or school. 

To confirm continued participation in the program, each chapter must submit a report to the Educational Foundation by September 30. 

  •         Name of the selected STEM teacher(s) and grade level(s) 
  •         Name of the school(s) 
  •         Amount of matching chapter funds contributed 
  •         How the money has been spent 
  •         Evaluation of impact (approximate # of students involved) 
  •         Chapter contact's name, phone and email 
  •         Confirmation of chapter's intent to continue participation 
  •         Photos, if available, to be featured on our website and in AFCEA publications 


Send photos of teachers/schools accepting the grants and students using the equipment or involved in the activity the grants made possible


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