June 2013

Cyber Command Redefines the Art
   Dealing with virtual challenges may require a meeting of different disciplines.
Critical Infrastructure Ripe for Attack
   Cyberspace offers a wealth of options for evildoers seeking to bring down a nation.
Cyber Train as You Fight
   As the U.S. Army wraps up fighting land wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the service is adapting cybersecurity training to the changing landscape.
Command's Cybersecurity Crosses Domains, Directorates
   Transporting billions of dollars' worth of Defense Department cargo requires an outside-the-box approach to information assurance. 

Cybersecurity: Everybody's Doing It

  Large companies take varying actions to deal with emerging markets, threats, trends and the future of cyber

Helping the Grid to Bounce Back

    Industry and government search for for the best approach for the rapid recovery of a key element of the electrical grid in the event of an attack.

Air Force Comes to Grips With Cyber
Roles are changing as the service reshapes its digital future.
Air Force Strikes at New Information Challenges
 Costs, security and operations requirements share top billing on priority list.
Joint Aerial Layer Network Vision Moves Toward Reality
    The concept connects disparate networks to provide greater information to warfighters.
The Best Laid Plans Fly Awry
    The Air Force encounters turbulence of the digital kind when it underestimates the complexity of moving the service to a single network.

Razor Talon Sharpens Services' Synergy

    Integrating air land, and sea forces on a monthly basis saves money and creates continuity of operations.

The Biggest Threat Today

Informal Self-Organizing, Ad Hoc Relational Networks Are the New Multipliers