Leadership Award Winners

2024 Leadership Award Winners

Col Scott Beidleman, USAF (Ret.) | Los Angeles Chapter

Tim Harschutz | Hampton Roads Chapter

Col Richard S. Palmieri, USAF (Ret.) | Hawaii Chapter

Lt Col Mike Plantenga, USAF (Ret.) | Los Angeles Chapter

Lt Gen Dr. Ansgar Rieks, GEAF (Ret.) | Bonn E. V. Chapter

Amy E. Tuschen | Greater Augusta Chapter

Kelly Wenner | Northern Virginia Chapter

Paul Wertz | Atlanta Chapter

Lee Ann Zelesnika | Tidewater Chapter


2023 Leadership Award Winners

2023 AFCEA International Leadership Award winners.


Kathleen Cowles, Bethesda Chapter
David Hart, Dayton-Wright Chapter
Alisha Kelly, Northern Virginia Chapter
Lloyd McCoy, Northern Virginia Chapter
Larry Minnick, Hampton Roads Chapter
Tomas Müller, Czech Chapter
Linda Newton, Hawaii Chapter
Johnnie Young, Atlanta Chapter


2021 Leadership Award Winners

Frank Arlotta, RF Products, New York-New Jersey-Pennsylvania Region

Jeff Bloom, Waimanalo Blooms, Hawaii Chapter

CDR Neil Bourassa, USN (Ret), Gryphon Technologies, Hampton Roads Chapter

Karin Grace, M2 Technology, Inc., Alamo Chapter

Lt Col Vanessa Johnson, USAF (Ret), VMware Professional Services, Rocky Mountain Chapter

Capt Bill Krayer, USN (Ret), 1010 Technology, LLC, Northern Virginia Chapter

Lt Col Laura Pope, USAF (Ret), Stellar Solutions, Inc., Los Angeles Chapter

COL Kathy Swacina, USA (Ret), Chameleon Integrated Services, Atlanta Chapter


2020 Leadership Award Winners

RAdm Mario Durao, PRT (N) (Ret)
Portugal Chapter

Yolande Fong
Hawaii Chapter

James Evans
Belvoir Chapter

Lynne Mills
633rd Force Support Squadron Airman & Family Readiness Center
Tidewater Chapter

Lt Col William Page, III, USAF (Ret)
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Los Angeles Chapter

Joyce Sidopoulos
Lexington-Concord Chapter

Palmer O. Sims
Quest Public Sector
Hampton Roads Chapter

Col Jeffrey A. Sorrell, USAF
Headquarters Air Education & Training Command
Alamo Chapter

Marco Zompetti
U.S. Life Cycle Management Center
Lexington-Concord Chapter


2019 Leadership Award Winners

Pictured from left: Patrick E. Dagle, Tamara F. Greenspan, Chi-Lai Poon, Col Richard A. Lipsey, USAF (Ret)

Patrick E. Dagle

Georgia Tech Research Institute
Lexington-Concord Chapter

Tamara F. Greenspan

Oracle Corporation
Northern Virginia Chapter

Chi-Lai Poon

Array Information Technology
Northern Virginia Chapter

Col Richard A. Lipsey, USAF (Ret)

Lipsey Cyber Consulting


2018 Leadership Award Winners

Pictured from left: Adam Feingold, James Lee

Adam Feingold

Los Angeles Chapter

Brig Gen Jeffrey Kendall, USAF (Ret)

Alamo Chapter

James E. Lee

Hampton Roads Chapter

Jean McLeish

Sopra Steria
London Chapter

Lynn Moad

LB Moad Consulting, LLC
Dayton-Wright Chapter

Jim Muller

Hawaii Chapter

Anthony Robbins

NVIDIA Corporation
Washington DC Chapter

Josef Strelec

Czech Republic Intelligence Service
Czech Chapter



2017 Leadership Award Winners

Pictured: Mary Ann Carlson

Mary Ann Carlson

MKC Consulting
Lexington-Concord Chapter

Dean Fox

Alamo Chapter

Lt Col Jack Murphy, USAF (Ret)

Hawaii Chapter

Linda Skinner

Vana Solutions
Dayton-Wright Chapter


2016 Leadership Award Winners

From left to right: Stephen Falcone, David Landry, Paul Patton, Col Russell Smith

Stephen Falcone

Air Force Life Cycle Management Center
Lexington-Concord Chapter

Lt Col David W. Landry, USAF (Ret)

Georgia Tech Research Institute
Atlanta Chapter

Col Paul G. Patton, USAF (Ret)

CACI, Inc.
Northern Virginia Chapter

Col Russell J. Smith, USAF

US Special Operations Command
Tampa-St. Petersburg Chapter

Thomas S. Wells

Dayton Aerospace, Inc.
Dayton-Wright Chapter


2015 Leadership Award Winners

2015 Leadership Award winners

Bill Jones

Data System Analysts
Belvoir Chapter

Bill Robinson

Diligent Consulting, Inc.
Alamo Chapter

Gerry Slevin

Tampa-St. Petersburg Chapter

Leslie Steele

Bethesda Chapter

Bud Vazquez

The Raytheon Company
Lexington-Concord Chapter


2014 Leadership Award Winners

Dr. Joe Besselman

Disruptive Technologies
Montgomery Chapter

Robert Damen

Augusta-Fort Gordon Chapter

Colleen Dilly

Central Maryland Chapter

Teresa Duvall

U.S. Fleet Cyber Command, 10th Fleet
Hampton Roads Chapter

Scott Hardiman

Lexington-Concord Chapter

Kenneth R. Hirlinger

General Dynamics Information Technology
Tidewater Chapter

Cory Lindo

PCPC Direct Ltd.
Hawaii Chapter

William Morrow

Smartronix, Inc.
Alamo Chapter

Dan Matthews

Information Innovators Inc.
Bethesda Chapter

Michael J. Stinson

Dayton-Wright Chapter

MSgt Todd Weingeroff, USAF

Kaiserslautern Chapter

Ron Zich

Headquarters Marine Corps C4
Northern Virginia Chapter


2013 Leadership Award Winners

Carl Bass

Tampa-St. Petersburg Chapter

Dr. James Cunningham

JA Cunningham Consulting LLC
Lexington-Concord Chapter

Chris Cusano

NTConcepts Inc.
Northern Virginia Chapter

CAPT Glenn Hernandez, USCG

U.S. Pacific Command
Hawaii Chapter

Dave Johnson

Suss Consulting
Hampton Roads Chapter

David Kovach

Alamo Chapter

Melvin May, Jr.

May Associates
Fort Monmouth Chapter

Andrew Peters

Quantico-Potomac Chapter

Maj Gen Erich Staudacher, GEAF

HQ Air Command
Bonn Chapter

Joseph Yavorsky

7th Signal Command
Augusta-Fort Gordon Chapter

2012 Leadership Award Winners

Gregory Campbell


SMSgt Keith Jordan, USAF


Dave LaRochelle

Oasis Systems, Inc.

Kevin Smith

Praeses, LLC

Wolfgang Taubert

NATO C3 Agency

2011 Leadership Award Winners

E.F. (Ted) Bronson

The Bronson Group

Maureen Fuller

General Dynamics Information Technology Corporation

Linda Jean

SeaView Consulting LLC

Alvie Johnson

Booz Allen Hamilton

Steve Krauss

Censeo Consulting Group

Sharon Mackey


Richard (Sam) Moore

P3I, Incorporated

Keith Perkins

53rd Computer Systems Squadron

Dr. Stephen Quilici

Harris Corporation

Richard Wegmann

Digital Concepts Incorporated


2010 Leadership Award Winners

Shirley Adams


Professor Harry Athanasopoulos

American College of Greece

Lawrence Coe

753rd Electronic Systems Group

Jennifer Kyle



2009 Leadership Award Winners

Col A. G. Hatcher, USAF

Headquarters, Air Combat Command

Larry Levine


Terry Whitlock


2008 Leadership Award Winners

Brian Cooper

Praxis Engineering

Col Patricia Harrington, USAF (Ret.)

Scientific Research Corporation

Kevin Hoey

General Dynamics IT

Ilkka Jappinen

Finnish Defence Forces Technical Research Centre

Lt Col Robert Lyman, USAF

96th Communications Squadron

Norman Nelson