November 2012 SIGNAL Magazine


Pacific Command Adjusts to New Regional Emphasis
    Existing efforts are ramped up to achieve bigger results sooner.
Information Priorities in the Asia-Pacific
    A premier cyber center and the next phase of the Joint Information Environment are altering the technical landscape for U.S. forces.
Building Bridges Across the Pacific
    A U.S. Air Force research directorate connect scientists and engineers from many countries.

The Armada Down Under
    A longtime European sea power is deploying a vessel far, far away to enhance global partnerships.

Era of Change for Unmanned Systems
    The next five years will be as exciting as the last decade--but in a different way.
Swarming to a Better Robot
   Unmanned underwater vehicles mimic nature and collaborate on tasks.
Mixing With Manned Aircraft
   A new crash avoidance system will allow both manned and unmanned planes to operate in U.S. airspace.

The Tactical Edge Sees Data Interoperability
   A new message exchange framework offers potential across department and coalition assets.

Budgetary Pressures No Hindrance to Turkish Military
    The need to upgrade the force prevails over austerity measures typical of other nations.
Turkey's Companies Assume Larger Military Role
    Strong relationships between the public and private sectors in the Mediterranean powerhouse are spurring domestic and international advancements.
Turkish Groups Provide Industry, Government Bridge
    A major aim is to serve as a forum for the nation's defense companies to alleviate concerns over fiscal austerity.

Asia-Pacific Is a Region With a New Priority

Defense Board Computing Recommendations Lack Strength