Reprints of original articles are a cost-effective and authoritative way of providing information on advances in the homeland security, intelligence and communications fields and are an ideal way to:

  • Support new product launches and product development
  • Update target audiences with important developments
  • Endorse your product to a wider audience
  • Distribute information to conference delegates and visitors at exhibitions

Reprints allow you to take your editorial coverage from an industry-respected publication and optimize it for marketing purposes. Communicating with reprints, whether hard copy or electronic, adds credibility to your message and helps brand your achievements for effective promotions.

Customization options include:

  • We can add company logos and contact information.
  • Yellow highlighting can help quotes or other important information stand out.
  • An advertisement can be included on the back cover. 

Electronic reprints are also available. These PDF files can be distributed electronically or posted to your company's website.

Take advantage of these products today while your article is still fresh news! Let SIGNAL Magazine turn your article into additional marketing and information firepower.

You’ve got the good press—SIGNAL will take care of helping you get all you can out of it.

Please allow 2 weeks to fulfill your order. For more information on ordering hard-copy and electronic reprints, please contact the Publications Assistant.