ROTC Awards

ROTC Honor Award 

Nominations opening January 1 , 2024

This award recognizes ROTC cadet and midshipman achievement in leadership and academics. Recipients of the ROTC Honor Award are required to be in their junior year of school and will be selected by individual professors of military science, naval science or aerospace studies in accordance with the appropriate service department regulations. 

Each ROTC unit may make one Honor Award nomination annually. The Army, Navy/Marine Corps and Air Force ROTC units at an institution may each submit one nomination. 


The award includes a framed certificate with the honoree's name prominently inscribed and a ribbon bar. 

The certificate and ribbon bar will be mailed in time for the award ceremony. If you make a request at the last minute, we do not guarantee that the award will reach you in time.  If you request a representative and there is an AFCEA chapter within 50 miles of your university, we will contact the chapter to see if they can send a representative. We ask the chapter to contact you directly if they have a member who can attend. 


Students receiving the ROTC Honor Certificate Award must be juniors preparing to enter their senior year (rising seniors) who are majoring in electronics, electrical, aerospace or communications engineering, mathematics, physics, computer science or technology, information management systems or related technical disciplines. Nominees should demonstrate high academic achievement.


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