AFCEA Defense and National Security

Defense and national security have been core elements of AFCEA’s mission and purpose since its establishment in 1946 as a derivative of the Army Signal Corps Association. While it was Army-centric at the outset, it soon expanded its role, supporting all services and components within the Department of Defense as well as the Coast Guard. Homeland Security and associated missions are now added to this focus.


The department provides administrative support to two committees: the Cyber Committee and the Homeland Security Committee. These committees comprise volunteers who help AFCEA through thought leadership, networking and event support across a range of internal and external activities. Committee members are all accomplished professionals from government, industry and academia with diverse skills and broad backgrounds representing multiple disciplines, including operations, command and control, intelligence, IT/CIO, acquisition, cyber, logistics and policy. Each committee designs its own agenda, program and work plan in support of AFCEA. White papers, speaker engagements, topic-specific analyses and critical reviews are all representative of committee outputs, typically in support of committee interests and/or requests from government, industry or academia.

Professional Development and Continuing Education

To help its members meet professional development needs, AFCEA offers a variety of continuing education opportunities during its events at no additional fee. After a review of proposed speaker presentations and session content, AFCEA obtains approval from accrediting organizations like CompTIA and/or GIAC for continuing education credits.

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