Cyber Committee

In today’s global security and economic environment, boundaries no longer begin and end at rivers, oceans or borders. Even before the birth of the Internet, governments worldwide collaborated for the good of themselves and each other. Companies understood that international cooperation benefited all.

Then the new frontier became the Internet, and cyberspace opened millions of new doors to do business, collaborate on projects and protect nations. However, as in all frontiers, challenges come along with the benefits. It must be protected; it must be kept open to all; and it must be able to address change as it occurs.


The AFCEA Cyber Committee is a volunteer group of public and private sector information technology professionals that oversees AFCEA's outreach and helps ensure open lines of communication between the government and industry.

The committee provides an active focal point within AFCEA for encouraging the exchange of ideas and coordinating AFCEA’s cyber-related activities.

What the Committee Does

Members of this sought-after and well-respected committee strengthen AFCEA’s role as the association’s principal cyber advocate and resource, making information available to the AFCEA membership worldwide. Working as one unit within an international association, the committee:

  • Supports AFCEA and its membership by preparing, reviewing, approving and/or making recommendations about how to address cyber challenges in association events across the board.
  • Promotes AFCEA membership and support within the cyber community.
  • Supports SIGNAL Magazine by encouraging and contributing ideas for cyber-related articles and interviews.
  • Assists AFCEA in recognizing established and emerging achievement in the cyber community by evaluating award nominations, writing submissions, and grant/scholarship applications.

Committee Membership:


John Gilligan

Chief Executive Officer 
Center for Internet Security

LTG Jeff Sorenson, USA (Ret.)

President & Partner
A.T. Kearney Public Sector & Defense Services, LLC

AFCEA Representative

Ben Smith

Manager, Homeland Security
AFCEA International

To see the complete membership roster, click here.

Committee Membership Application:

If you are an AFCEA industry member and would like to apply to serve on the Cyber Committee, click here.

Note: Government Committee liaisons and Academia Committee members do not participate in election consideration, but are appointed by their organizations. For more information, please contact Ben Smith.


Committee Charter

White Papers

Additional Resources

Critical Infrastructure Protection Roundtable

The Cyber Committee presented a Critical Infrastructure Protection Roundtable in October, 2016. A recap is available here.

Cyber Conflict Case Studies Essay Contest

AFCEA International partnered with the Cyber Conflict Studies Association (CCSA) and the Atlantic Council for a competition for case studies in the history of cyber conflict. The 2012 First and Second Place winners in the Student and Professional categories are:

Student Contest

First Place: Ethan Groves - "Evolution of U.S. Use of Cyber Power"

Second Place: Andreas Hagen - "The Russo-Georgian War of 2008"

Professional Contest

First Place: Mark Yanalitis - "Cuckoo's Egg"

Second Place: Robert Lee - "The History of Stuxnet"

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