AFCEA IntelligenceAFCEA Intelligence

Established in 1981 as part of AFCEA International, AFCEA Intelligence is the association's outreach to intelligence professionals worldwide in government, military, academia and the private sector.

Our Vision

AFCEA Intelligence provides the structure and interactive forum for networking and sharing ideas in order to strengthen the public/private partnership and to advocate for foreign and domestic intelligence in support of improved national and global security.

AFCEA Intelligence Seeks to:

  • Actively engage the public and private sectors to support and improve intelligence through thought leadership
  • Provide unparalleled professional development and networking opportunities for intelligence professionals and the companies that support them
  • Honor intelligence professionals through a prestigious awards program.

AFCEA IntelligenceWhat We Offer

AFCEA Intelligence provides its individual and corporate members with both connections and information.

Through an extensive network of like-minded professionals, AFCEA Intelligence members stay abreast of intelligence community issues, develop cross-community knowledge and advance business objectives. In addition, the information gained through the interactive forums of AFCEA Intelligence allows members to better understand how intelligence supports national and global security at all levels; the challenges and opportunities within the intelligence community; and how to enhance collaboration between the public and private sectors.

We Are a Respected Government Resource

By providing resources emphasizing thought leadership, networking and professional development, AFCEA Intelligence brings together intelligence professionals. Government agencies have an outside unbiased source that they can come to for an industry perspective, and industry has an influential voice with the intelligence community.

AFCEA Intelligence provides intelligence professionals with an association focused on intelligence challenges and opportunities. As part of the extended AFCEA International family, AFCEA Intelligence also provides linkage with an international association with 30,223 individual members and 1,562 corporate members highlighting command, control, communications and intelligence...and their interconnectedness.