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Looking to engage with AFCEA in a fun and informal way? Connect with us on social media, use our hashtags to join the conversations and share our content to your personal channels. You'll find relevant content, important AFCEA updates and deadlines, inside scoops, networking opportunities and more. 

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Ways to Connect and Engage
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AFCEA Hashtags









AFCEA Event Hash Tags

TechNet Cyber & cyber events: #AFCEACyber 

Federal Identity: #FedID 

Homeland Security: #AFCEAHomeland 

Intel Summit: #IntelSummit23    


TechNet events: #AFCEATechNet 

WEST: #WESTYEAR  (Replace YEAR with 4 digit year) 

Tips for Social Sharing

Have you written an article or blog for SIGNAL Media? Help maximize exposure by sharing content to your own social media pages. 

  • Use the link to your article or blog to craft your own posts. 

  • Use the social sharing icons found at the top of every page on SIGNAL online. 

  • Visit the SIGNAL and AFCEA social pages listed above, and share our posts directly. 

  • Keep it short. Include an informative but concise blurb about the content of the article. 

  • Tag AFCEA and/or SIGNAL  where appropriate so we can engage. 

  • Use a maximum of three relevant hashtags to highlight key topics or events referenced in the post. 

  • Monitor for any follow-up questions or comments to keep the discussion going. 

Information Using Excerpts, Reprints or Links


The SIGNAL Online site requires that anyone linking to content respect the copyright and trademark and include proper attribution.

Links may include text content such as headlines and may be accompanied by brief summaries of the linked articles, not to exceed four (4) paragraphs.

When linking to SIGNAL, the following actions are prohibited:

  • Attributing a link to the SIGNAL site but then linking to another site.

  • Framing the SIGNAL story or otherwise presenting the material as your own.

  • Using any images from SIGNAL stories on another site.

  • Using the AFCEA or SIGNAL logos without permission.

  • Including summaries on the site that exceed the fair use guidelines of U.S. copyright law.

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