Woman's Appreciation Award Winners


Women's Appreciation Award Winners 2022

Col Lourdes Barriga

Head of the Advisory Commission on Women's Issues
Peruvian Army, Ecuador Chapter

DeEtte Gray

President, Business and Information Technology Solutions
CACI International Inc., Northern Virginia Chapter

Michelle Larkin

Director of Programs
SOL Engineering Services, LLC, Northern Virginia Chapter

Allegra Scott

Program Manager
Northrop Grumman, Central Maryland Chapter

Tiffany Katarina Tong

Business Development/Capture Manager
Leidos, Central Maryland Chapter

Victoria Washington

Vision IT, Alamo Chapter


Women's Appreciation Award Winners 2021

Hillary Boyce

Vice President
IntellecTechs, Inc., Hampton Roads Chapter

Cindy Heflin

Vice President
C5T Corporation, Scott-St. Louis Area Chapter

Brandi Pickett

Cyber Risk Management Consultant
Ingalls Information Security, ArkLaTex Chapter

Laura R. Pope

Senior Systems Engineer
Stellar Solutions, Inc., Los Angeles Chapter

Karen Lopez Rolirad

Executive Director
Bexar County Military and Veterans Services Center, Alamo Chapter

Maria Dolores Santos

Systems Engineer
Isocmonitoreo CIA Ltda., Ecuador Chapter

Juliana Vida

Chief Technical Advisor - Public Sector
Splunk, Northern Virginia Chapter



Women's Appreciation Award Winners 2020

From left: Tina Jordan; VADM Nancy Norton, USN; BGen Lorna Mahlock, USMC; Award Winners Jacqui Chard, Stephanie Hutch, Jennifer Greenwell and Jane Brightwell; LtGen Lori Reynolds, USMC; LtGen Robert Shea, USMC (Ret)

Jane Brightwell

Vice President of Federal, International and RBOC
Walker and Associates
North Carolina Chapter

Jacqui Chard

Deputy Director for Defence and National Security
UK National Cyber Security Centre
London Chapter

Jennifer Greenwell

DHA Contract Program Manager
Sentek Global
South Carolina Low Country Chapter

Stephanie Hutch

Vice President of Strategic Planning
P3I, Incorporated
Lexington-Concord Chapter


Women's Appreciation Award Winners 2019

From left: VADM Nancy Norton, USN; DeEtte Gray; Award Winners Jenniffer Minks, Szu-Moy Toves and Kathy Swacina; LtGen Lori Reynolds, USMC

Donatella Dominici

Department of Civil, Construction-Architectural & Environmental Engineering, University of L'Aquila

Yolande Fong

AFCEA Hawaii Chapter
DISA-PAC GS-14 (Retired)

Jenniffer Minks

Coaition Interoperability Division Chief
Deputy Directorate for Cyber and C4 Integration, Joint Staff J6

COL Kathy Swacina, USA (Ret)

Senior Federal Program Executive
Unitech Consulting, LLC

MSgt Szu-Moy Toves, USAF (Ret)



Women's Appreciation Award Winners 2018

From left: Tamara Greenspan, Kathleen Berganski, Ashley Becker, Abigail Wilson, Sharon O'Malley Burg

All winners were recognized at the Fifth Anniversary Women's Appreciation Event at 4:00 pm on Wednesday, February 7, 2018 during AFCEA/USNI WEST in San Diego.

Ashley Becker

Manager, Union Square Innovation Center, Ernst & Young

Kathleen Berganski

Senior Manager, Cyber Operations Division, Lockheed Martin Corporation

Tamara Greenspan

Vice President, Oracle Corporation

Sharon O'Malley Burg

Senior Advisor, C.A.C.I. International Inc.

Abigail Wilson

Government Cyber Security Consultant, PricewaterhouseCoopers


Women's Appreciation Award Winners 2017

From left: Alvie Johnson, Dr. Marion Michaud, CMSgt Diane Slazinik, USAF, Col Kim Montfoort, USAF (Ret), Mary Allison Yourchisin

These winners include the first male recipient recognized for his support of women in the IT field. All winners were recognized at the Women's Appreciation Event from 4-6pm on Wednesday, February 22, 2017 during WEST in San Diego. Read here for more information on this annual event.

Mr. Alvie Johnson

Director, Business Development, Leidos

Marion Michaud, Ph.D.

Technical Director, Cyber Security Technical Center, The MITRE Corporation

Colonel Kim M. Montfoort, USAF (Ret)

Technical Support Lead, Telos Corporation

Chief Master Sergeant Diane Slazinik, USAF

Superintendent, 375th Communications Group, United States Air Force

Mrs. Mary Allison Yourchisin

Vice President, Special Operations and Joint Agencies, AC4S


Women's Appreciation Award Winners 2016

Denise Desien

President, Business Development Technologies

Teresa Duvall, CDR, USN (Ret)

Navy Authorizing Official Division Head, U.S. Fleet Cyber Command

Natalie Givans

Senior Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton

Charisse Stokes

Vice President, Cybersecurity and Network Management, Telos Corporation

Tiffany Tremont

President and CEO, SiloTech Group


From left to right: Ashley Becker, co-chair Women in AFCEA; John Meincke, Vice Chair of the Board of AFCEA International; Denise Desien, award winner; Lt Gen Robert M Shea, President and CEO of AFCEA International; and Andi Fehl, co-chair Women in AFCEA

From left to right: Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch, master of ceremonies and past winner; Ashley Becker, co-chair Women in AFCEA; Natalie Givans, award winner; Teresa Duvall, award winner; Kathy Kleiman, keynote speaker; and Andi Fehl, co-chair Women in AFCEA

From left to right: Ashley Becker, co-chair Women in AFCEA; John Meincke, Vice Chair of the Board of AFCEA International; Charisse Stokes, award winner; Lt Gen Robert M Shea, President and CEO of AFCEA International; and Andi Fehl, co-chair Women in AFCEA


Women's Appreciation Award Winners 2015

Shirley Adams

Vice President, General Dynamics Information Technology

Norma Corrales

Former Senior Director of the Educational Foundation

Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch

Senior Vice President, Inmarsat

Doreen Jakubcak

Educational Foundation Board of Directors

Women's Appreciation Award 2014 winners

Shirley Adams and Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch with their women's appreciation awards at WEST 2015


Women's Appreciation Award Winners 2014

CAPT Danelle Barrett, USN


Sue Hoffman

Booz Allen Hamilton

Becky Nolan

Former Executive Director, AFCEA International