TECHINT 2024, co-sponsored by the Defense Intelligence Agency and AFCEA International, builds upon the successful inaugural TECHINT conference held in 2023.  

The 2024 program brings together leaders and experts from the Department of Defense and the intelligence community (IC) to highlight some of the nation’s hardest intelligence challenges and most pressing intelligence needs. These discussions will be informed by presentations highlighting MASINT capabilities and opportunities to uniquely collect, report and produce scientific and technical intelligence to mitigate risk to the nation, to critical infrastructure, and to U.S. operating forces.

TECHINT 2024 is a classified (TS/SI/TK/NOFORN) two-day forum designed for industry, academia, the cleared R&D community, and intelligence community professionals.

The DIA neither states nor implies any endorsement, association or recommendations with regard to AFCEA International or any other non-federal entity participating in this event.