DIA TECHINT Conference 2023, a revival of the annual TECHINT series of MASINT-focused events, will be held in the DIA Reston Campus R-1 Conference Center on September 19-20, 2023. This classified (TS/SI/TK/NOFORN) two-day event is a forum for industry, academia and intelligence community professionals to learn about the hard problems and technical challenges facing the MASINT and S&T enterprises.

The conference will focus on informing government, industry and academia partnerships that are essential to meeting the intelligence demands posed by integrated cross-domain threats. Our discussions will be informed by presentations highlighting MASINT capabilities and opportunities to uniquely collect, report and produce scientific and technical intelligence to address the department’s and the nation’s priority intelligence needs.  

An assessment of the MASINT S&T environment and the capabilities needed will be deepened by an appreciation of the implementation of the MASINT Enterprise Strategy FY25-29.  Through these discussions, participants will gain a more informed perspective on evolving MASINT S&T requirements and the opportunities for partnerships to address today’s pressing intelligence needs while optimally positioning the U.S. MASINT enterprise to deliver timely, relevant intelligence beyond 2030.


DIA neither states nor implies any endorsement, association or recommendations with regard to AFCEA International or any other non-federal entity participating in this event.