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Tour Shows Lab Progress

Douglas Bowers, Propulsion Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, took chapter members on a Propulsion Lab overview and tour in November. Bowers detailed the directorate's history and contributions. The lab employs many students in science and technology, and the chapter supports the local colleges with scholarships and has provided awards to lab researchers in the past. Bowers also discussed where the next resources would be discovered for fuels as part of an effort to go green. The topics for the tour were varied and discussed in understandable terms with enough technical detail to keep more knowledgeable people excited. A tour of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Propulsion Group showed the ways technology could tackle real world problems faced by troops. Attendees also saw the use of new engines with alternative fuels and how researchers test the emissions and power driven by them. David Hart, chapter president, presented Bowers with a chapter coin following the tour.

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