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Panel Addresses Cybersecurity

The chapter presented the panel Industry Leaders in Cybersecurity at its November luncheon. Richard Russell, headquarters, U.S. Army Materiel Command G-2, served as the moderator and a pivotal organizer for this event. Panel speakers included John Lambert, senior director for trustworthy computing, Microsoft; John Simon, former global strategist, Microsoft Government, and retired civilian employee; and George Stathakopoulos, director of information security, Amazon.

The panel first discussed the future of cybersecurity, and the speakers agreed that the United States is not the leader that it should be in cyber and that steps must be taken in the future to ease the integration of corporate partners and government for the common good of the country. When specifically asked how to fight the war of information on the cybersecurity battlefield, Stathakopoulos explained that the current method of firewalls, IDS, IPS, antivirus and other technology solutions are necessary, but they comprise a model of hope. Hope that an intruder does not enter your network, which countless examples of corporate intrusions show is rarely the case, he emphasized. The second part of the model revolved around deception and obscurity‚ÄĒdeception in the form of false information designed to draw an intruder to it. The false information could be 100 different databases that appear to have customer information but in fact contain bogus information designed to draw the intruder away from the information they are seeking. In the cybersecurity arena, these are typically called honeypots, but Stathakopoulos' example went a step further. He explained a concept of placing high-value information in disparate databases that could only be linked by a digital key or combination that would be housed in the most secure area of the network. The example he used was to think of a map with separate layers for the roads, locations, and even direction orientation and distance keys. The map would be useless if all the layers were not available to use at the same time.

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A panel of cybersecurity experts addresses the chapter at its November luncheon.
A panel of cybersecurity experts addresses the chapter at its November luncheon.

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