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Air Force Reshapes Logistics IT Strategy

The chapter welcomed Jacqueline Murray of headquarters Air Force Materiel Command as its luncheon speaker in September. Murray is responsible for integrating the modernization of logistics systems capabilities, which support the alignment of logistics and business systems, which ultimately support the warfighter. She pointed out a few years ago we were focused with new information technology strategies, but due to the recent economics, the U.S. Air Force has to exist longer with its core systems. The Air Force is challenged with partnering its logistics information technology strategy with industry to develop products that can support depot and wholesale efficiencies. A raffle was sponsored with proceeds given to the chapter's Scholarship Fund. Luncheon sponsors were: Booz Allen Hamilton, CDO Tech, CSC, Deloitte, Evanhoe, Flairsoft, JJR Solutions, LDSS, Northrop Grumman, Peerless, Segue Tech and Sumaria.

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