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Brian Cooper Honored with Second Annual Charlie Brown Award

The Charlie Brown Mentorship Award was established in 2017 to recognize chapter members that exhibit exemplary mentorship and bridge the gap between government, military and industry. The chapter is honored to recognize a leader in the community that goes above and beyond to mentor individuals within AFCEA as well as individuals seeking career advice. Mr. Brian Cooper has been one of the most influential, innovative and dedicated members of AFCEA. His support began almost two decades ago when he pioneered the Young AFCEAN program (YAC) for the chapter in 2000. He served as chapter YAC president for five years, while serving as president of the YAC International Advisory Council and helping create the YAC bylaws and handbook. By 2007, Brian became the president of the chapter. From there he served in an influential role as the president of the board of directors for the chapter and also on the International Intelligence Committee where he organized the Intelligence Symposium events for two years. Today Brian serves on the board of directors, and he has just completed the year as president for the second time. He provided leadership and mentoring for the Aberdeen chapter during its startup, as well as championed multiple AFCEA endowments at community colleges and universities. Brian's leadership, dedication and support to AFCEA continue to be invaluable.

Event Photographs:

Chapter President Martin Barrett (l) with Charlie Brown Award winner Brian Cooper.
Chapter President Martin Barrett (l) with Charlie Brown Award winner Brian Cooper.

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