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Experts Discuss Blockchain and Pervasive Technology

For the first event in February, the chapter organized the conference 'Blockchain: Expectations About a Pervasive Technology,' which was held in Rome. The main objective was to analyze blockchain's potential applications-from financial transactions to logistics, as well as its effects upon business management and governance. Lt. Gen. Antonio Tangorra, ITAF (Ret.), chapter president, welcomed the numerous attendees, who showed a robust interest in the blockchain technology, which is considered as revolutionary as the Internet. Sabrina Corrieri, CNIT/Tor Vergata discussed Blockchain or Database? It Depends on the Contest, and underscored the need to define the application requirements before choosing a blockchain-based application. Alessio Altorio, Studio Improda, presented An Introduction to Blockchain Technology, Juridical Aspects and Industrial Applications. Blockchain into the Digitization of the Public Administration Ecosystem, a speech given by Pietro Marchionni, AgID, highlighted the AgID key projects based on blockchain in which the objective is to improve the interoperability of public administration services, in particular those permitted to save citizen's documents in a secure and standard way. Gen. B. S. Scalese, ITAF, Capo 3^ Divisione Comando Logistico A.M., spoke on The Implementation of Blockchain in the Italian Air Force: Application Domains, and emphasized why blockchain is of interest for the armed forces due to integrity, approved changes and operational availability. It is of special interest in domains such as supply chain and logistics, health data management and radar networks. Stefano Solari, Leonardo S.p.A., presented Blockchain: Its Applications in the Future Military Logistics, and discussed some applications in different contexts, including the interoperability of rails, highways, ports and airports. In particular, Leonardo is working with the Italian Air Force to study applications for maintenance and training. Luigi Ciolli, Vitrociset S.p.A., presented Blockchain for Business: The Vision of Vitrociset, and introduced the evolution of the sustainment approach as application of the blockchain, thereby allowing users to access interconnected services. Pierluigi Santin, Deimos Engineering, introduced Blockchain and Smart Contract: Profiles and Applications, and highlighted the application of blockchain in the machine learning context and discussed RULEX, which was developed to check and correct data before transactions. F. Sarzana, Tavolo Tecnico Blockchain - MISE, presented Privacy-Preserving Blockchain, the work-in-progress to define rules for transactions based on blockchain. In particular, MISE set up a group of experts to define a national blockchain strategy. In the speech Advanced Cryptography for Blockchain Technology, Ivan Visconti, Università di Salerno, introduced blockchain initiated by cryptocurrency, which necessitates transparency and decentralization, along with the need to protect confidential data. Massimiliano Orazi, Fondazione Ugo Bordoni, illustrated the Fondazione Ugo Bordoni: Blockchain Activities, with dedicated seminars and projects, including the applications of blockchain to the spectrum management, payment and Internet of Things devices management. At the end of the conference, the president thanked all speakers and attendees for the attention expressed during the presentation of this new technology and invited all to the next AFCEA conference dedicated to the evolution of meteorology.

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In February, the chapter organized a conference on
In February, the chapter organized a conference on "Blockchain: Expectations About Pervasive Technology."
The chapter's February conference organized around the theme of blockchain drew a large number of attendees.
The chapter's February conference organized around the theme of blockchain drew a large number of attendees.

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