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Chapter Education Opportunity: Intelligence Analytic

The chapter has partnered with AFCEA International for another continuing educational program with the American Public University System to provide our members with a 60-minute webinar titled Evaluating COVID-19 Models using Intelligence Analytic Methods. During this COVID-19 crisis, leaders from the president to local school boards have had to make some very tough decisions based on available information and analysis, including a variety of models used to track and predict the severity of the outbreak. Unfortunately, many of these models have proved to be inaccurate and misleading. In this webinar, Erik Kleinsmith, associate vice president for strategic relations in Intelligence, National, Homeland and Cyber Security at American Military University, and the author of the recent book, Intelligence Operations: Understanding Data, Tools, People, and Processes, will discuss and present methods for adapting intelligence methods to more effectively evaluate these models.
No formal continuing education attendance documentation will be provided for this event. Attendees may prepare and submit attendance documentation to relevant certifying organizations. We recommend using the session information in this announcement and a copy of your registration acknowledgement.
This opportunity is an AFCEA member benefit. Register for this event by going to the link:

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