AFCEA International Chapter News

Chapter Hosts Webinar on Protecting Data

In June, the chapter hosted its latest training webinar sponsored by Varonis.

Keith Garred, systems engineer with Varonis, led the training webinar on "zero trust" and protecting your data. Garred began the presentation discussing the similarities between a network and a castle. "If we're talking about zero trust, you're always going to see the image of a castle."

Similar to protecting a castle with a perimeter moat or wall, perimeter redesign and re-architecting the network at a low level is a requirement. Garred emphasized that you're building a new perimeter based upon identity. "I should not see or have access to things that my role shouldn't have." Authenticating and understanding who the user is, where that person is coming from, and what applications they are using are all pieces of the trend analysis needed to safeguard assets, as well as what is typical for a particular user when it comes to data analytics. Data must be understood and protected. Garred stated that data is the crown jewel for many organizations. It is where trade secrets are held or, as it pertains to the U.S. Defense Department, classified information is secured. "You have to look at the data aspect of zero trust right up front." Throughout the lifecycle of this process, Garred recommended understanding data and the classification. He also suggested keeping a handle on it as the network evolves.

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