AFCEA International Chapter News

Chapter Expresses Gratitude and Looks Ahead to a Bright Future

"AFCEA Ecuador confers this memory in gratitude and support in the formation process of our chapter to AFCEA International. June 2020."

During the first official meeting of the chapter held in February at Circulo Militar in Quito, Ecuador, the old staff members selected new officers. The selected officers were: María Dolores Santos, president; Carlos Rodríguez Arrieta, first vice president; Col. Patricio Salazar (Ret.), second vice president; Valentina Almedia, secretary; Luis Recalde, treasurer.

As the new president of the chapter, Santos is strongly motivated to support all of the chapter's activities and planning.

Currently, Ecuador requires a lot of support, cooperation, investment, development and international innovation, to rescue the country from its problems that include social, political, economic difficulties, as well as those arising from COVID-19 and corruption.

Despite quarantine and considering that Ecuador has been suffering one of the world's worst COVID-19 outbreaks, the chapter is committed to AFCEA International and to promoting the vision, mission, goals, values and benefits of being a member of the association.

As a female professional in the field of information and communication technologies (ICTs) Santos endeavors to help empower other women to get involved in security and defense roles within the chapter. Moreover, she hopes to support young people in job opportunities, leadership skills, mentoring, networking and support for educational programs.

The chapter now has 43 registered members, 35 of them are men, eight are women and two of the members have passed away. The chapter's number one priority is creating a non-profit foundation in Ecuador.

Ecuador is now the second country in AFCEA's South America region, and the chapter is encouraging other South American countries to form chapters and to grow together and expand networking and relationship reach.

The chapter expresses gratitude to all members of the new chapter, especially Roque Moreira Cedeño; Dra. Rosalía Artega, former president of Ecuador; and Bruce Schulte, general manager, The chapter also thanks Rome, Argentina and Silicon Valley chapters, with whom it has an important relationship.

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