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Cybersecurity of Operational Technologies

In November, the chapter collaborated with the Portuguese Industrial Association (AIP) and organized the webinar, "Cybersecurity of Operational Technologies (OT): the new frontier of cybersecurity." Attended by 120 representatives of government institutions, military, academia and industry, the event opened with communication by João Manso, who identified the security problems that the industrial sector faces, namely those that result from the use of older protocols in productive systems that do not implement effective security solutions and are not likely to be updated.

Hugo Pernicha then addressed the perspective of a service provider, supporting his communication in a security architecture with different layers of protection of OT and information technology, with control tools at the lower levels (production lines), intermediate levels (operation and control systems) and in the higher levels (corporate networks).

Finally, a debate focused on specific security experiences and approaches each of the organizations followed.

Event Photographs:

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