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Spring Event Highlights Restore to Recovery

In March, the chapter organized the event 'Veeam: A Journey From Traditional ‘Restore' to Complete ‘Recovery' Against Cyber Threats" in collaboration with the company Veeam Software. It was held at the Network Operations Command (COR) in Rome.

The event aimed to explore the topics related to data protection as a key asset to ensure continuity of services and protection from cyber attacks in sensitive environments with strategic infrastructure for the country's system.

The workshop was opened by Lt. Gen. Antonio Tangorra, ITAF (Ret.), chapter president, who later introduced the keynote speaker, Cmdr. Carlo Roatta, of TELEDIFE- Informatics, Telematics and Advanced Technologies Directorate. Cmdr. Roatta presented and elaborated on the role of TELEDIFE in the defense cyber scenario, highlighting the main areas of focus divided between contractual activities, PNRR (National Restart and Resilience Plan), PNRM (National Military Research Plan) and technical regulation development.

Alberto Lozzi, sales manager of the public sector at Veeam Italy, opened the technology session by introducing the company, which operates in environments such as defense by providing a modern data protection solution that is required to be reliable, to keep up with the times and protect application architectures and data in every present and future technological environment.

Veeam is a leader in backup, recovery and data management solutions, providing a single platform for cloud, virtual, physical, software as a service and Kubernetes environments. Veeam is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, protecting more than 450,000 public and private customers worldwide.

Danilo Chiavari, Veeam's presales manager, Italy, spoke next and explained the path from data protection to availability. He explained the evolution of strategies and technologies supporting this path and the challenges information technology (IT) organizations face in responding to the exponential growth of data, the demand for 24/7/365 operations and the management of multicloud environments-all while focusing on continuous technological innovation.

This was followed by Alessio Di Benedetto's presentation focused on data management strategy in support of cybersecurity. Benedetto is the technical sales director of southern Europe at Veeam. In particular, Di Benedetto discussed protection against ransomware: protecting backup data from encryption and deletion for malicious purposes, with "immutable" repositories from malware and immediate restart.

In closing, Giuseppe Nantista, Enterprise Systems engineer for Veeam, Italy, delved into disaster recovery management and governance in hybrid and multicloud environments as a strategy that includes technologies, people and processes to ensure service continuity. The presentation addressed IT governance elements, looking in depth at aspects of performance management, strategic alignment and risk management.

Gen. Tangorra closed the event, thanking the COR commander, Lt. Gen. Sergio Scalese, who hosted the event.

Event Photographs:

In March, members attend discussions on data protection against cyber threats. The chapter organized the event in conjunction with Veeam Software.
In March, members attend discussions on data protection against cyber threats. The chapter organized the event in conjunction with Veeam Software.

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