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Small Business Breakfast Speaker Discusses the Potential of the Underdogs

The chapter hosted the AFCEA NOVA Small Business Breakfast with guest speaker Lt. Gen. VeraLinn 'Dash' Jamieson, USAF (Ret.), in August at the Oracle Auditorium in Reston, Virginia. Gen. Jamieson dedicated an impressive 37 years to the military. Her career included leadership roles at various levels, leading to her position as director of the U.S. Air Force's Intelligence Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Cyber Effects Operations. During the event, she shared many fundamental principles she has successfully applied in her business endeavors and personal life since transitioning from the military.

Gen. Jamieson explained that listening is key and good business leaders should listen to their customers, business segments and intuition. She also emphasized the importance of continual learning and embracing emerging technologies to expand one's knowledge to stay ahead of the curve. Additionally, she stressed how critical it is to choose strategic partners wisely, invest in relationships and tap into people's talent early in their careers. Another takeaway was the importance of treating everyone with respect and leading by example, which directly reflects one's company image.

The journey from military service to the corporate world can be challenging, but Gen. Jamieson has successfully transitioned. Not only is she an accomplished leader, but also a firm believer in the potential of the underdogs.

Please join the chapter for the next AFCEA NOVA Small Business on October 18.

Event Photographs:

The AFCEA NOVA Small Business Committee joins Lt. Gen. VeraLinn
The AFCEA NOVA Small Business Committee joins Lt. Gen. VeraLinn "Dash" Jamieson, USAF (Ret.) (sixth from l), for a photo at the August breakfast.

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